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    27 Useful Products With 10,000+ 5-Star Reviews That Prove The Hype Is Real

    More people have given the Baby Shusher 5-star reviews than live in my hometown.

    1. A hydrating snail mucin repairing essence for soothing *all* skin types (reviewers love how gentle it is) and potentially helping heal acne scars, fade dark spots, and smooth fine lines. 

    Reviewer before and after picture with redness healed from their face
    The bottle of serum

    Promising review: "My skin dries out severely during the winter all the time, and I have to constantly use Vaseline to keep it moisturized (normal cream doesn't work on me). Imagine my surprise when my SO tried to put snail goo on me, eww!! I resisted for weeks refusing to use this product as she constantly vouched for its abilities. After a month I finally gave in, and boy it is amazing! My hands feel more moisturized than ever for longer and it doesn't leave a disgusting greasy feel as Vaseline. Take it from a once non-believer, you have to try this. Even if it doesn't work for you, you paid a fraction of what you would've paid for any other name-brand moisturizers." —Kyoko Ozaki

    Get it from Amazon for $25

    2. A pack of multipurpose dermaplaning razors because that middle school eyebrow mishap has made face shaving and brow shaping feel like a daunting task. These teeny-tiny blades safely remove peach fuzz, exfoliate skin, and include a precision cover for worry-free eyebrow maintenance.

    a reviewer photo of the razor with shaved peach fuzz attached
    on the left, a reviewer with clumps of peach fuzz on their cheek and text reading 'fuzz left after using razor

    Promising review: "Took me a little while to figure out the right angle to use this effectively but once I did it worked like a charm. I’ve used it for shaping eyebrows and managing the little bit of blonde peach fuzz I have on my upper lip. I haven’t tried it anywhere else but no bad reactions or pain, and relatively easy to maneuver with a bit of practice." —Kelly G.

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $5.94.

    3. A versatile chop, slice, and dice unit that'll drastically *cut* down on food prep and cleanup time with interchangeable blades that can each be popped into the dishwasher.

    a reviewer photo of the chopper, attachable blades and a bin filled with chopped potatoes
    a reviewer using the chopper to dice an onion

    Promising review: "Makes life so much easier. I can't imagine chopping onions or bell peppers by hand anymore, and it does so much more. We used to have a Prepworks chopper which was a similar idea, but you had to press so hard to chop, and it broke after not too long. This one requires very little effort to cut through the food and it has a generous container." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in three colors). 

    4. A rosemary mint hair strengthening oil to treat your do to a rich blend of 30 essential oils and biotin. This lightweight scalp treatment may help nourish split ends and hair follicles, leading to sleeker styles and reduced breakage. Plus, reviewers say it smells DIVINE — an unnecessary but appreciated bonus. 

    a reviewer showing off new hair growth after using the oil and text reading
    a reviewer with 4c hair fter using the oil

    Promising review: "I will be buying this product forever and ever. I rarely get obsessed with a beauty/hair product but this one really takes the cake. After having a pretty stressful 2022, I started to experiencing a lot of shedding. I naturally have a lot of thick hair so I’m used to some natural shedding but this was another level. I also experience buildup on my scalp especially in winter months. Within one bottle of using this I noticed a HUGE difference. Not just from the way my hair felt, but also the buildup and dry spots on my scalp were no longer present. This also doesn’t make my hair feel greasy or heavy, which some products can do!" —BMDS416

    Get it from Amazon for $8.89

    5. A patented pet hair remover if Fido's shedding is taking over your home and you're tired of constantly lugging out the vacuum. This roller uses bristles, not sticky tape, to catch lint meaning you can clean and reuse it over and over and over again.

    a reviewer photo of a the ChomChom sitting on a black hoodie with the left covered in hair and the right free of hair
    a gif of a reviewer using the lint roller to pick up hair

    ChomChom Roller is a Massachusetts-based small biz creating an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to sticky lint rollers. 

    Promising review: "This is the best thing I have bought on Amazon to date. I have always tried to lint roll comforters and furniture when guests come and/or stay. Finding this gadget has made that task SO much easier and productive! Put this guy in your cart. Yep." —Kelsey Funk

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95

    6. A travel-sized pill cutter so you can *split* up with more precarious cutting/crushing methods and get with one that's compact, requires minimal pressure to operate, and works for a wide range of medication sizes. 

    a reviewer photo of the pill cutter open with a whole pill inside
    a reviewer photo of the pill cutter closed with a split pill inside

    Promising review: "This pill cutter does exactly what it was intended to do. It is easy to use, and it is very compact so it would be easy to bring along for travel. Once you cut the pill, it has two separate little compartments for each half to fall into. The container is made from plastic, and the blade is in the open on the inside but is in a relatively safe position inside the container, so I didn’t have any problems or safety issues with it, as long as it’s being used by an adult and stays out of reach of children." —Emily Tee 

    Get it from Amazon for $2.49 (available in purple, blue, and green; selected at random). 

    7. A pair of reusable silicone nipple covers for ultra discreet coverage that's totally waterproof, so you can skip the bra without fear of a nip slip even if you're on the dance floor busting moves and sweating up a storm. 

    a reviewer with the nipple cover applied on one breast
    a reviewer photo of the nipple covers and storage box

    Promising review: "These covers are AMAZING! I used them for the first time this weekend during my bachelorette because of how much white I would be wearing and they were perfect. I usually use petals but sometimes you can see the shape of the petal and my nipple still shows but these covered my boobs perfectly and couldn’t see them through a see-through white body suit. They lasted through the night when I forgot to take them off before bed and also lasted through tonsssss of sweaty dancing. I never leave reviews but had to spend the word. All my girls on the trip were amazed by them and are all ordering now." —Amazon Customer 

    Get a pair from Amazon for $26.50 (available two sizes and five shades). 

    8. A one-handed salad spinner because there's no quicker way to ruin a salad than soggy lettuce. Treat yourself to this whirly, twirly tool and enjoy your greens the way that Mother Nature intended — with a satisfying crunch! 

    a reviewer photo of the salad spinner sitting inside a fridge
    a gif of a reviewer spinning lettuce in the salad spinner

    Promising review: "I would literally eat semi-wet lettuce because I could never get my salad completely dry after washing. This makes me want to make salad all the time now. Being able to have completely dry lettuce and your salad not being ruined by extra bits of water is top tier." —ALIYMA LEWIS

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95

    9. A beloved tub of TikTok-famous pink cleaning paste that'll preform small cleaning miracles on virtually any surface in your home without endless, abrasive scrubbing. Try it out on those "forever" stains that just won't budge. 

    Reviewer using it to clear up hard water stains in tub
    A customer review before and after photo showing the results of using The Pink Stuff on their stovetop

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing!! Buy it!! I never leave reviews, but holy cow this stuff works! Used it to clean permanent marker off my cabinets, grease off my stove, inside the microwave, and I just opened it 10 minutes ago. Love love love!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97.

    10. An easy-to-use baby shusher to quiet fussy newborns with the human recordings of rhythmic shushing. It's got built-in 15- and 30-minute timers and adjustable volume so you can get your baby off to dreamland wherever you are in record time. Something you'll both be grateful for! 

    Baby Shusher is a small business run by a husband-and-wife duo after their own sleep-deprived experience raising three girls. 

    More than a few newborn photographers swear by this tool to keep babies calm and cozy during photoshoots. 

    Promising review: "I bought this for my niece and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. As soon as she started to fuss, we just gave the shusher a twist and just like magic she calmed down. One for the crib, one for the home, and one for the diaper bag! Always have one at the ready! I’ll be buying these for all my new parent friends and family!" —Hannah George 

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99. 

    11. An all-in-one hole repair tool if you very much didn't abide by the rules of your rental agreement when you hung that gorgeous gallery wall, but would still like your security deposit back. This makes application quick and easy, with primer-infused spackle inside, a putty knife on one end, and a sanding pad on the other. 

    Promising review: "I love how easy this little tube makes wall repair jobs. It's so nice to be able to just grab and go, and the packaging has everything needed on it to make the fix. This isn't cheap spackle either, it's nice and thick and dries quickly. The good stuff!" —Aliya M

    Get it from Amazon for $6.79

    12. A bottle of professional-grade callus-removing gel so you can quickly remove years' (I repeat, YEARS') worth of hard calluses without endless scraping and scrubbing. Not to mention $$$ spend at the nail salon. 

    Just presoak your feet, apply the gel, let sit for five to 10 minutes, and rinse! It's recommended you go back in afterward with a foot file just to make sure no residue or dead skin is left behind.

    Promising review: "I have the driest heels and this is the ONLY product that has ever worked. Before I used this my heels had some pretty deep cracks and now they're almost baby soft again. BUT please follow the directions...left it on my super-dry thick-callused heels for only three minutes and the callouses were literally melting off! Wonderful product! So glad I don't have to go soak my feet in those tubs at the nail salon anymore." —Kiki

    Get it from Amazon for $11.55.

    13. A pack of biodegradable foaming drain-cleaning pouches for effortlessly taking care of all the out-of-sight grime clogging (and stinking) up your garbage disposal.

    Garbage disposal cleaner packet in disposal
    Reviewer gif of garbage disposal cleaner foaming up

    Promising review: "My disposal developed a bad odor and all the usual remedies failed to eliminate it. I bought the Glisten disposal cleaner not expecting it to work. It worked exactly as shown in the video and the bad odor disappeared after one application. I intend to use it once every two weeks in the future. I am very pleased to have found this product. I was on the verge of replacing the disposal which was otherwise working fine." —Errol Levine

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $3.78+ (available in two packaging styles).