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    25 Problem-Solving Products To Help You And Your Roommates Communicate Better

    Turns out, most of us didn't forsee being together 24/7 when we signed the lease.

    1. A shopping list notepad that sticks to the fridge so you or your roommates can easily check off depleted items the minute they run out. When it's time to head to the store, the list is already made so you won't forget to buy garbage bags...again.

    A reviewer photo of the pad with a header that reads "All out of" with notes and checkmarks on various items

    2. A The Golden Girls dishwasher magnet so your favorite ladies can let your housemates know the status of the dishes. No more stray dirty forks in a load of freshly cleaned dishes.

    A hand holding a pink and tan magnet printed with a portrait of Blanche from Golden Girls with the word "Dirty" underneath, followed by the word "Clean" and a portrait of the character Rose oriented upside-down

    3. Or a more subdued dishwasher magnet if you and your roommates can't settle on any TV-themed decor, but can definitely agree the current nonexistent dish communication system isn't working.

    4. A set of refrigerator bins for equally dividing up that precious fridge real estate and keeping your yogurt from encroaching on your roommate's kombucha.

    5. An eco-friendly toilet paper subscription made from 100% bamboo that can eliminate roommate fights over whose turn it is to buy TP by automating the process and having it delivered straight to your door. Fun fact (if you give a crap), they donate 50% of profits to help build toilets for those in need!

    6. The free Splitwise app to help you split utility bills, dinner checks, and keep track of IOUs so there are no awkward conversations at the end of the month about who owes who what and how much.

    7. A set of shelf dividers for organizing the shared linen closet and eliminating the nagging fear that you've accidentally grabbed one of your roommate's also-gray towels by mistake.

    8. A shoe tower rack if tripping over a pile of shoes is putting you in a foul mood every time you walk through the door. This one will fit in even the tiniest of entryways, taunting anyone who tries to walk away without putting their shoes back first.

    the lower half of a model holding a tiered shoe tower by the top handle

    9. Or a bamboo shoe rack organizer with enough shelves to designate a spot for each roommate and a built-in umbrella holder that'll put an end to the sad wet pile of umbrellas by the door you've come to dread every time it rains.

    A bamboo shoe rack with four shelves and a built-in umbrella holder

    10. A set of wall-mounted baskets because the collective pile of junk mail on the counter is getting out of hand, and keeping each of your mail separate might avoid a situation where the internet bill accidentally gets thrown out again.

    11. A pack of bamboo drawer dividers so your doesn't-cook roommate and your always-baking roommate can keep their diverse collection of kitchen tools separate and out of each others way.

    A reviewer photo of an open drawer with four drawer dividers inside organizing a slew of various kitchen utensils

    12. A four-tier tension pole shower caddy with rental-friendly no-drill installation that'll give each of you a place to stash your bathtime essentials, and eliminate bleary-eyed morning showers spent rummaging through Sally's 14 bottles of body wash.

    A reviewer photo of the four-tier shower caddy filled with shampoo bottles and other bath products

    13. A pack of erasable food labels for eliminating any doubt about whose leftovers are whose. These microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe labels can be reused again and again for years of name-protected food storage.

    14. A wall-mounted entryway organizer with enough hooks and shelf space to give everyone's frequently lost daily essentials — keys, wallet, sunglasses — a stylish place to call home.

    15. For everything else, try an easy-to-use label maker that will make it way more awkward for your roommate to borrow your stuff without asking. It literally has your name on it.

    16. A pint combination lock if you find yourself living with unabashed ice cream thieves who won't be deterred by a simple label. The old "I didn't see your name" excuse won't work with this state-of-the-art security system.

    17. An apology note pad with an easy-to-fill-out form to make the inevitable need to tell each other you're sorry a little easier, and a lot funnier.

    18. A dog-feeding tracker (or cat) so Fido and his very cute feed-me eyes can't trick you and your roommates into accidentally feeding him way more than is necessary.

    19. A framed magnetic dry erase board that makes it easy for you and your roommates to easily build shopping lists or leave each other quick notes and reminders. My apartment dry erase board currently plays triple-duty as an out-of-stock tally, want-to-watch movie list, and gallery for my roommate's One Piece art.

    20. A printable chore chart to clearly establish roommate responsibilities and keep the apartment in one piece with as little bickering and passive-aggressive remarks as possible.

    21. Or a full suite of printable roommate solution sheets for keeping the entire household on the same page with templates for chore charts, collective shopping lists, house rules, emergency contacts, and so much more! Have a roommate problem? There's a sheet for that.

    12 pages formatted differently to address roommates need from bill tracking to shared inventory

    22. A pack of multicolor label stickers because it turns out you all own iPhones and have the exact same phone charger. Assign each roommate a color for an easy way to differentiate cords, snacks, and more!

    23. A hair-catching TubShroom for ending the silent war between you and your roommate over whose hair contributes more to the clogged drain and, therefore, who should be the one to take care of it. Skip the clog (and argument) altogether with this hair-catching miracle, and let everyone take care of their own slimy ball of wet hair.

    24. A "Who's in the doghouse?" magnet set so you and your roommates with a great sense of humor have a totally-not passive-aggressive way of signaling which one of you isn't pulling their weight.

    A magnet shaped like a doghouse that says 'Who's in the doghouse?" and four dog-shaped magnets with a quarter next to them for scale

    25. An over-the-door six-hook rack because the apartment bathroom has a total of one towel rack and there are four of you who, yes, do all shower and require a place for towel drying.

    The roommate energy we're aspiring to:

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