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    30 Problem-Solving Products For Your Next Too-Long Travel Day

    Imagine arriving at your destination actually in a good mood, well-rested, and ~glowing~.

    1. An AirFly Pro wireless transmitter so you (and a buddy) can actually use your Bluetooth earbuds to watch those free in-flight movies.

    Reviewer photo of the AirFly Pro plugged into the headphone jack on the back of a plane seat

    2. A Trtl neck pillow that'll actually support your neck while you try to catch some mid-flight Z's. It's way less bulky than traditional travel pillows and will keep you from head bobbing onto your neighbor's shoulder.

    Model wearing a gray Trtl pillow while sleeping on a plane

    3. Or a hypoallergenic tie-on travel pillow with unparalleled adjustability for a comfortable upright sleep even if you lost out on the coveted window seat.

    a model sitting in a plane seat, wearing the tie-on travel pillow, and sleeping

    4. A pair of breathable slip-on sneakers with memory foam soles if you're in desperate need of a comfy shoe you can easily slip on and off at airport security.

    5. A leakproof dog water bottle to easily keep your pup hydrated during long layovers. The one-button locking mechanism allows you to release water into the trough and let undrunk water flow back in so nothing goes to waste!

    6. A contoured sleep mask because the bright light of this random kid's iPad is making it *very* difficult to sleep through the flight. The concave shape effectively blocks out light, and the adjustable strap helps you get a comfy, customized fit.

    7. A transparent toiletry bag so can avoid getting stopped by TSA when you inevitably forget to put your skincare routine in a see-through bag. Plus this bag is super durable and will give you "Gosh, I hope my serum doesn't leak all over my clothes" peace of mind.

    8. A lightweight water-resistant backpack that makes the perfect airline personal item with plenty of space for a laptop, chargers, a change of clothes, and more, plus cushy, airflow back panels to fight against the dreaded back sweat as you run to catch your flight (we've all been there).

    9. An in-flight phone mount for a hands-free way to watch all those episodes of Queer Eye you downloaded for the flight. It can also mount on your luggage for long (aka boring) layovers, too.

    Reviewer photo of the phone mount attached to a stowed seat back tray and holding a phone

    10. A compact UV sanitizer if being a COVID-era parent has made you extra concerned about germs — especially when traveling. This portable cleaner eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and is the perfect size for high-touch necessities like pacifiers, bottle nipples, teethers, and other small baby items.

    11. An airline-approved pet carrier with an expandable compartment, interior leash tether, seat belt loops, a luggage strap, and so many more thoughtful details to make sure your best furry friend is traveling safely and stylishly.

    12. A rotating magnetic phone mount because your car's built-in GPS is approximately eight years out of date and trying to peek at directions while your phone tumbles around the cupholder is getting old.

    13. A pack of moldable silicone earplugs so you can block out the noise of that crying baby three rows back, or your travel companion's loud snoring.

    14. A hands-free luggage drink caddy that'll finally make it possible to handle your luggage, pull up your boarding pass, *and* carry your iced coffee at the same time.

    15. Or a canvas cup holder for safely cradling your bevvy and freeing up your hands for more important things, like picking out a new magazine for the flight.

    16. A digital travel scale if you're tired of sweating out the bag check scale to avoid paying pesky overage fees. This scale is super accurate so you can be confident in your pack-job stays under 50 pounds.

    Silver digital scale with black strap and metal clip

    17. A multipurpose car seat storage bag to keep your car clean and tidy even when you're caravanning across the country. This handy organizer has a lined and leakproof spot for garbage, plenty of mesh storage pockets, and a dispenser for tissues or wet wipes.

    the car storage bag mounted to the back of the passenger seat with a hand putting a bottle into the top compartment, side pockets with water bottles inside, and we wipes peeking out of a dispenser along the bottom

    18. A genius car cupholder adapter because you're not about to spend the entirety of this six-hour car ride with your water bottle tumbling around on the floor. Regular cupholders just weren't made to hold such large-and-in-charge drinking vessels. It'll also work well for any jumbo sodas at the drive-thru!

    19. A pair of best-selling high-waisted leggings so you can look good and feel great in travel-ready bottoms that are super soft, stylish, stretchy, and never see-through.

    20. A genius magnetic luggage tag that doubles as a hat clip so you can finally bring your favorite wide-brimmed beauty on vacay without a) packing it and crushing it, or b) committing to wearing it/holding it.

    21. A compact external battery for keeping all of your many essential devices charged during long travel days. One charge of this battery can charge your phone roughly three times. No more huddling by the single terminal outlet for you!

    Reviewer photo of the external battery being used to charge a smartphone

    22. A leak-proof collapsible water bottle if you love proper hydration, but hate having a clunky empty bottle eat up valuable bag space.

    23. Plus, an ingenious collapsible coffee cup because early mornings at the airport demand coffee, but a thermos is definitely not going to fit into your overstuffed carry-on. Here is your convenient and Earth-friendly solution.

    24. An in-flight foot hammock to make kicking back in the flight cabin a whole lot easier. It easily mounts onto the seat tray, and not only ups that economy seat comfort, but can also reduce in-flight foot swelling.

    Reviewer resting their feet on the black foot hammock

    25. A trusty stain-removing pen so you can tackle stains the minute they occur instead of arriving at your destination still wearing your morning coffee.

    26. A car gap filler fans of Shark Tank might recognize as the simple yet genius invention that prevents french fries and your phone alike from falling between the car seat and the middle console, derailing your road trip.

    27. A pair of compression socks for anyone whose feet, ankles, or legs tend to swell up on long flights. These cozy socks can help prevent that, and double as another thermal layer (planes be cold).

    28. A roll-on blister-preventing balm if your upcoming travel plans do not include limping from terminal to terminal because of painful blisters.

    A model rubbing balm on their heel

    29. A tri-fold travel wallet to keep everything (and I mean everything) on-hand and organized as your run to catch your flight. Money, cards, boarding passes, passport — you name it — all protected with RFID-blocking tech.

    reviewer photo of the wallet open, showing all the different pockets for passport, cards, money, phone, and more

    30. A pair of backseat organizers with a clear tablet holder and tons of mesh pockets so backseat passengers have easy access to all the snacks, toys, and tech a successful road trip requires.

    the organizers installed in a car and filled with snacks, toys, and more

    You making the best of long travel days: