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    27 Easy Costumes If You Hate Dressing Up For Halloween, But Hate Having FOMO More

    Just one "Add to cart" and you're Halloween shopping is done.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A glow-in-the-dark skeleton bodysuit so you and your lazy bones can enjoy a spooky Halloween and still look great with minimal effort.

    2. An inflatable wacky arm guy suit for fans of car dealerships and our dancing friends who reside outside of them. Plus, this costume comes with a built-in excuse for bad dancing. You're just "in character."

    a model wearing the red wacky arm guy suit

    3. A whimsical Dr. Seuss tutu dress with a matching hat headband because where would this literary cat be without their hat?

    4. A vibrant butterfly wing cape that can be tossed on over clothes you already own for a wow-worthy costume that has a great compliment-to-comfort ratio.

    5. A cozy Baby Yoda onesie if you're curious how you can successfully get away with attending a Halloween party in your pajamas.

    6. An Ash Ketchum Pokémon trainer costume to ensure your Halloween is filled with just the right amount of '90s nostalgia. Now, get out your Pokédex and catch all that candy!

    a reviewer wearing the Ash jacket, hat and gloves

    7. A glittery Sims headband so you can wear literally whatever clothes you want, and people will still get it and probably try and yell Simlish at you from across the bar.

    8. An inflatable riding raptor costume for a dino-mite evolution of the dinosaur onesie you wore trick-or-treating when you were three.

    9. An Average Joe's dodgeball uniform because if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge that dude you really hoped wouldn't be at this party.

    a reviewer photo of three people dressed in the matching jersey sets

    10. A DC comics Wonder Woman shirt with an attached cape and included headband that feels like your wearing a regular T-shirt but looks like you just saved a runaway train from disaster.

    a reviewer wearing the T-shirt and headband with black pants

    11. A creepy clown dress if you like to stick to Halloween's spooky scary roots, and delight in freaking out your friends.

    12. An all-in-one Captain Marvel bodysuit so you can remind all the other Marvel superheroes out on Halloween who's boss. They protect Earth. You!? You protect the galaxy!

    13. A bumblebee costume to guarantee your Halloween fit is a buzz-worthy success.

    14. A wild piñata jumpsuit for a look that's literally made for a party. Pro tip: keep candy in your pockets to throw at people if they touch you.

    15. A printed Jake from State Farm polo because all you have to do is supply your own khakis for you and your big insurance savings to become the life of the party.

    a red polo printed with "Jake" and the State Farm logo

    16. Or a Progressive Agent Flo accessories set that you can toss on with a T-shirt and jeans to instantly transform into everyone's favorite sassy insurance savant.

    17. A dazzling ringmaster costume with big The Greatest Showman energy if you love an excuse to wear a sparkly getup almost as much as you love being the star of the show.

    18. A nostalgic Crayola crayon set to add some much-needed color to this notoriously dark and dreary holiday.

    19. A full Spiderman bodysuit so you can show up as everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood hero. I recommend coming up with some quippy one-liners if you really want to tune in to your spidey sense.

    20. A jersey spiderweb dress for a trendy take on a Halloween classic that you can wear for many spooky seasons to come.

    a model wearing fishnet stockings and a black dress with a spider print on the front and a web print on the sleeves

    21. A distinguished sea captain costume perfect if you're the friend screaming "I'm the captain now!" at all your drunk friends while you try and shepherd them home.

    22. A two-piece Hooters uniform that manages to do what few sexy costumes can — be comfortable.

    23. A snuggly detective platypus onesie if you're still chasing the high of an after-school snack and an episode of Phineas and Ferb.

    24. A fierce Batgirl costume to remind people that there's another cool superhero universe out there that doesn't begin with the letter M.

    25. A striped referee leotard so you can call the shots all night long and have no one (except a gaggle of angry fans) question you.

    26. A cheeky hand sanitizer top for a topical costume that'll truly freak people out in a way ghosts and ghouls never could.

    27. And a ninja bodysuit that's one part sexy, one part edgy, and one part COVID-friendly with an included face mask.

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