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    17 Ways The World Does Savory Breakfast

    Say goodbye to the sugar rush - it's gonna be a salty, spicy, mouth-watering morning.

    1. Adjaruli Khachapuri - Republic of Georgia

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    A boat-shaped flatbread filled with gooey melted cheese, khachapuri is a classic all across the Caucasus region. This version has the added bonus of both butter and a runny egg, (because obviously, a bread-boat overflowing with cheese didn't sound OUTRAGEOUSLY PERFECT ENOUGH already.)

    2. Arepas - Venezuela


    These flat, delicious cornbreads are staple breakfast items in Venezuela and Colombia, and the filled versions (arepas rellenas) are open to endless, glorious variations which might include black beans, cheese, chicken, or avocado.

    3. Natto - Japan

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    Made with fermented soybeans and raw egg, and typically eaten with rice, this pungent Japanese dish is admittedly not for the faint-of-heart. It's as slimy as it looks, but super healthy and flavorful - provided the raw egg idea doesn't freak you out too much.

    4. Karelian Pie - Finland


    Known as karjalanpiirakka, a crispy rye crust of sorts is filled with savory rice pudding and topped with creamy Finnish munavoi (egg butter) for a simple, filling breakfast that makes regular old eggs-on-toast just seem so blah.

    5. Grillades and Grits - Louisiana, USA


    A grand, hearty Cajun classic of tender veal medallions braised in a rich tomato sauce, served with creamy cornmeal grits. It's warm, satisfying, and substantial - in short, everything you could possibly hope for in good Southern cooking.

    6. Chee Cheong Fun - Singapore


    This is a popular dish all around Asia, but in Singapore chee cheong fun is made of steamed rolls of rice noodle which are then soaked in a dark, savory/sweet sauce not unlike hoisin. Often they come with a filling of roast pork or prawn, but some places even fill them with mango, taro, or else, if you're willing - the notoriously smelly durian fruit.

    7. Ful medames - Egypt


    A stew of fava beans made with garlic, cumin, olive oil, lemon juice, and flat-leaf parsley, this packs a lot of bright, balanced flavors into a single morning meal. Eggs, pita bread, or fresh vegetables are all great accompaniments, making for a superbly well-rounded start to your day.

    8. BauernfrĂŒhstĂŒck - Germany


    Literally, "farmer's breakfast", this is an unfussy skillet-hashesque mix of potato, bacon, eggs, and onion. That said, as long as the potatoes take the lead in this dish, pretty much anything else goes. Your fridge is the limit.

    9. Pa Thong Ko - Thailand


    Puffy, golden-brown, deep-fried dough fritters. The Chinese version goes by the name of youtiao, and comes in large, long stick form. Youtiao actually predate the Thai version; the real difference is only in size and shape. These supposedly represent two lovers - which is fitting as they're usually dipped in condensed milk, bringing together salty and sweet in delicious, holy matrimony.

    10. Menemen - Turkey


    A rich tomato stew with peppers, onions, and plenty of spices is mixed with egg in a dish very similar to Israeli shakshuka. Here, though, the eggs are lightly scrambled instead of poached. What you end up with is a rich, yolky mess that combines with the slightly sweet, umami flavor of tomato for what is undoubtedly one of the best things bread will ever carry to your mouth.

    11. Open-faced sandwiches - Sweden


    The literal smörgÄsbord: Sweden has truly perfected the art of the savory morning pick-and-mix. Here you'll find cheeses, cold cuts, tomato, and cucumber to go with your bread (or else, the more traditional rye knÀckebröd.) If you don't mind a little fishy morning breath, you can try it with a super-popular smoked cod paste (Kalles kaviar) that comes, a bit strangely, in tube form.

    12. BolĂłn de Verde - Ecuador


    Starchy green plantains are mashed and formed into dumplings, which are then fried until browned and crispy. They come filled with cheese, pork crackling (chicharrĂłnes), or chorizo. Basically, you'll want many of them in your mouth, preferably all at once.

    13. Waakye - Ghana


    As with many a great breakfast, it's all about that base: and you really can't go wrong with a warm, hearty rice and bean stew. Load it up with fried plantain, a hot pepper sauce called shito, or eggs for a luxurious vegetarian breakfast, or add chicken and prawn if you're of the non-veg persuasion. Either way, prepare for a serious food baby.

    14. String Hoppers - Sri Lanka


    A sort of noodle cake made from rice flour, even at breakfast, these are eaten with curries that run the gamut from mild, to spicy, to chock full of meat. Sri Lankan meals are generally very big on flavor, even in the AM - no better way to jolt yourself awake than with a tasty morning mouthsplosion, am I right?

    15. Congee - China


    Like its sweet, oaty counterpart, this savory rice porridge is simple and satisfying on its own, or else the perfect host for a WILD TOPPINGS PARTY: chicken, mushroom, ginger, spring onion, soy sauce, Sriracha - come one, come all, bring friends.

    16. MangĂș - Dominican Republic


    Another sumptuous toppings-feast, mangĂș consists of mashed green plantains which you can then finish with cheese, salami, eggs, butter, or (I mean, and) avocado. You might even deep fry said toppings first, in which case you just KNOW it's gonna be a good day, guys.

    17. Full English Breakfast - United Kingdom


    Iconic in its excess, this is truly Breakfast with a capital 'B' - (presumably for BIG AS HELL.) Toast, fried eggs, baked beans, Cumberland sausage, bacon, and grilled tomato and mushrooms (hey, they're vegetables), it's a classic, savory morning feast. Don't forget the HP sauce.

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