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17 Reasons Doing Laundry Is The Absolute Worst

It's that time of the month (or week if you're a normal clean human)…LAUNDRY DAY.

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1. The day has arrived — you have exhausted all pairs of underwear and socks.

2. So the first thing you do is try to separate colors, whites and darks… but what about grey? Is grey a color? It's between white and black, where the hell does it go?!


I'll just put it in colored this time around I guess...

3. Then you need to pick which detergent to use...

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Liquid? Powder? Pods?! WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE

4. Then you need to put your detergent of choice in one of these things…

Where does it go? Why are there so many holes? WTF is that blue thing?

Where does it go? Why are there so many holes? WTF is that blue thing?


5. Fabric softener? Is it really necessary?

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6. Then you have to pick a wash setting…

The CW / Via

Cold? Hot? Warm? Cool? Quick wash? Permanent Press? WHY SO MANY

7. Then you finally have about 40 minutes to an hour to relax.

8. Until two hours later when you realize you forgot you had clothes in the wash.

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Aaaaaand they start to smell moldy which defeats the purpose of you washing them in the first place


9. Still, you throw them in the dryer for a good hour anyway.

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10. But because of your ADD you leave them sitting in the dryer.

11. Which means WRINKLES!

12. So you run the dryer again, hoping an extra 15 minutes will fix the problem.


13. And when they come out warm and (mostly) wrinkle free, you feel so accomplished!

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14. Until you remember you have to fold and put them away.

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15. But because you are lazy, you fall asleep with the clothes still laid out on your bed.

Nickelodeon / Via

16. And they sit there haunting you...


"Eh, I'll just do it later"

17. But when you give in and finally put them away, it is so worth it.

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Until next month, that is.

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