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16 Eye-Popping X-Ray Photos That I Will Never, Ever, Ever Recover From

Sometimes it's better to not know what someone's like on the inside.

I'm totally fascinated by medical images. If a friend breaks a bone, I wanna see the x-ray. So in case you're like me, I've gathered 17 wild x-ray images from the depths of Reddit. Here they are:

Note: We can't confirm the validity of these x-rays.

1. This x-ray of a man whose arm went through a meat grinder:

X-ray showing shattered arm

2. This x-ray of a vibrator that got stuck in someone's rectum, as well as a pair of salad tongs that were used to try to remove it:

X-ray showing a large object resting in the lower abdomen

3. This x-ray of a broken ankle that makes the patient's leg bones look like chopsticks:

X-ray of a human broken ankle and foot showing bone structure

4. This x-ray of a Chinese woman who underwent footbinding:

X-ray image showing two feet bent in an unusual way

5. This x-ray that shows a missing piece of fibula:

X-ray showing a missing section of the fibula bone, generating interest at the doctor's office

6. This x-ray of a pregnant dog's belly:

X-ray of a pregnant dog's belly

7. This x-ray of a little kid's broken arm:

X-ray of a child's broken arm

8. This x-ray of a guy who broke his jaw mountain biking:

X-ray of a broken jaw

9. This x-ray of a gymnast performing an exercise:

X-ray of a gymnast doing an exercise

10. This x-ray of someone's elbow after they were shot with a 12 gauge shotgun:

X-ray of a shattered elbow

11. This x-ray of a baby that swallowed a SpongeBob toy:

X-ray image showing a small toy lodged in a child's throat

12. This x-ray of someone with three full sets of teeth:

X-ray of a skull with unusually numerous teeth, an Internet Find highlighting dental abnormality

13. And this x-ray of a tooth stuck inside someone's chin:

X-ray with an arrow pointing to a tooth in someone's chin

14. This x-ray of a puppet in action:

X-ray of a puppet

15. This x-ray of someone sneezing:

An x-ray of someone sneezing

16. And finally, these x-rays of firework-related injuries:

Multiple x-rays of hands