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People Who Have Worked In TV: What Are Some Wild Secrets And Stories From Your Job?

Spill the beans!

Greetings, members of the TV industry. It's your time to shine.


We're ready to hear your wildest secrets and stories from the job. Maybe you were an extra on several TV shows, but you loved working on The Office the most because the cast was so nice and they had the best craft services on any set you've been on.


Perhaps you were a production assistant on Game of Thrones and have some insight into how those wild battle scenes were filmed.


Or maybe you worked on a cable news show and have an intense story about what it was like to work in such a high-stress environment.


Tell us your juiciest secrets and stories in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post! If you'd like to stay completely anonymous, you can submit your response to this Google Form.