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    This Woman's Country Is Extremely Hot, So She Made A TikTok In Which She Curled Her Hair On A Pole Outside

    Maybe I don't have to buy a curling wand after all!

    Damaris Sweetie, a 27-year-old bank officer, lives in the Solomon Islands.

    The Solomon Islands is a nation of islands in the South Pacific that is hot and humid all year round. According to its tourism site, the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius — aka 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

    A map of the Solomon Islands.

    In the olden days, people used to show how hot it was outside by frying an egg on the sidewalk. But Damaris has discovered a new way to showcase high temperatures, and it's garnered more than 17 million views on TikTok:

    She wrapped a piece of her hair around a pole, held it there, and then...VOILA! It curled!

    A before and after photo of Damaris wrapping her hair on a pole in the first half and it being curled in the last half.

    Some people were skeptical that her hair wasn't already curly before the video (since she's pulling at it in the beginning), so she made another one to prove she was telling the truth:


    Reply to @a.rowe788 For those of ask which country is this um Solomon Pacific.

    ♬ original sound - Damzie✨ - Damzie✨

    "I don't know why I came up with that idea," Damaris told BuzzFeed. "It was so hot that day that I decided, why not try and curl my hair?"

    Another before and after photo of Damaris before she curled her hair and after she curled it.

    When asked whether she would ever try to curl her whole head this way, she said, "I'll be on sick leave if I stand in the sun all day. My hair is too big."