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People Are Freaking Out Over This Model's Forehead Reduction Surgery Because They Didn't Realize It Was A Thing

Here's how it works.

TikTok has become a safe space for self-proclaimed "fiveheads" to commiserate about their larger-than-average foreheads and share tips on how to make them look smaller. For example, this woman made a tutorial on how to contour your hairline with root touchup spray:

But I recently came across a video that trumped any of the other forehead content I had seen. Camilla Coleman Brooks, a 26-year-old model from North Carolina, hated her forehead so much that she actually underwent surgery to minimize its size.

A before and after of Camilla's forehead

"I was always kind of uncomfortable with the size of my forehead in proportion to my face. I just kind of thought it was too big for me personally," Camilla told BuzzFeed. She felt like she looked bald when she had her hair pulled back, and she always wore bangs.

After years of researching different cosmetic procedures, she finally decided on forehead reduction surgery — which she underwent at the end of February.


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Note: Some people might not be a suitable candidate for this procedure, depending on any pre-existing medical conditions they may have. Also, in order for the surgery to be successful, a patient has to have good scalp laxity (the ability for the scalp to stretch). Please consult a doctor and/or therapist before pursuing any cosmetic procedures.

Camilla's surgery was done under general anesthesia. "They make an incision right at your hairline, and then they have to lift up your scalp a bit and how far they can move it depends on the elasticity of your skin," Camilla said. "They make another incision where they see how far down they can pull your scalp, and then they cut out the middle part and they stitch it back together."

"I think people thought I was shaving down my skull or something because they were like, 'How do you change the size of your forehead?'" she said. "Overall, it's not a super-invasive surgery, it’s just moving some skin around."


Reply to @jamescharles yesterday vs. today. *FYI my hairline is shaved. It’ll grow in up to the incision. Q&A on IG #plasticsurgery #foreheadreduction

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The surgeon ended up being able to shorten Camilla's forehead by three centimeters. But a lot of TikTok users were complaining that they didn't see much of a difference.

Before and after of Camilla

Camilla then explained how the reason her forehead still looks large in the "after" photo is because her head is shaved past her new hairline, which is right in front of her scar.


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Camilla is really happy with the outcome of her surgery and recovering well, but she's received some negative feedback from viewers that she can't quite wrap her head around. "Some people say, 'You don’t love yourself,'" she said. "I think you can still have insecurities and change yourself on the outside, while still loving yourself on the inside."

"I didn’t do it to make anyone else feel self-conscious about it," she added. "Especially when people are like, 'Wow, I’m just noticing my forehead is big, should I get this done?' I’m like, hell no, you’re just noticing this, it isn’t an actual issue."

Moral of the story? Your body is YOUR body. If you want to get cosmetic surgery, great! If you're happy the way you are, also great! Let's continue to support each other and lift each other up no matter what, please.