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What's The Weirdest Food Combination You've Ever Eaten While High?

A peanut butter and onion sandwich, anyone?

Greetings, stoners. This post is for people who have dabbled in the devil's lettuce (aka weed aka marijuana).


I'm writing this from California where it is fully legal, so don't @ me.

Have you ever gotten so high that you ate an unthinkable food combination?

@RobertEBlackmon / Via

Maybe you made yourself a heaping bowl of Cheetos and milk.

Perhaps you dipped a bagel and cream cheese in...ketchup.

norwegianforrestcat / Via

Or maybe you made a ramen burrito.

ratatron / Via

We want to know what type of wild food concoction you've mixed up while stoned! Tell us in the dropbox below and add photos if you have them.

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The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.