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15 Unpleasant Encounters People Say They've Had With Celebrities

Normies UNITE.

Disclaimer: The following stories have not been verified by BuzzFeed.

Kat Leigh, a 20-year-old musician from New Hampshire, has been in a mini feud with Bob Saget since 2013.

"I just did dumb kid stuff and commented a bunch of stuff [on Instagram] to get him to notice me and he ended up blocking me," she told BuzzFeed. "The he unblocked me, and then a few years later he blocked me again out of nowhere and it's been like that ever since!"

Kat shared her story on TikTok and asked other people to pipe up with their "random celebrity beef."


@bobsaget can we talk plz

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Here's what the TikToksphere had to say:

1. This person said she had a passive aggressive interaction with Kendall Jenner at a high school football game because she was standing in her way on the bleachers.

2. This person said their brother (who was a security detail for the secretary of state) kicked Leonardo DiCaprio out of an elevator in Las Vegas.

3. This person said Bill Murray tried to pick up his girlfriend.

4. This person said they had to ban A Day to Remember from the restaurant she managed because they trashed the place.

5. Trisha Paytas said she was brought onto The Tyra Show under false pretenses and Tyra Banks insulted her hair.

6. This person said Jake T. Austin tried to steal their seat at a Selena Gomez concert.

7. This person said Peyton Manning and other people from his football camp tipped her $0 for a $3,000 tab when she was their waiter.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl #celebritybeef Big baller, $0.00 tip. #peytonmanning I got stiffed, not in the fun way.

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8. This person said Niall Horan replied "What the actual fuck?" to a comment she left on the One Direction Instagram page.

9. This person said Anna Kendrick was rude to her when she greeted her at the restaurant she worked at.

10. This person said they accidentally insulted the Jonas Brothers in front of Joe Jonas.

11. This person said Ariana Grande was really mean to her over YouTube's messaging feature before she got famous.


#stitch with @bloatflygirl i actually hated her for years until I got over it and now I’m a fan lmao #celebrity #celebritybeef #beef #fyp

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12. This person said LeBron James responded "No" when he asked for his autograph at a basketball game.

13. This person said Jonathan Cheban bullied her on Twitter.

14. And this person said Debby Ryan tried to get her kicked off the set of Life of the Party when she was an extra.

While we can't confirm that these stories are true, it's definitely comforting to know that celebrities aren't exempt from the pain of human interaction!