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    18 Things People Loved When They Were Kids, But Despise Now That They're Adults

    Being an old is rough.

    Growing up ain't all it's cracked up to be. Yes, you gain more independence and knowledge about the world — but in exchange, certain things you used to love as a kid just lose their charm.

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    Reddit user u/ChaosEO347 shined a light on this conundrum in a thread where he asked people to share something they "loved as a kid, but hate as an adult." Here are the most relatable comments:

    1. "Getting mail. As a kid it was exciting because it would only happen around Christmas and my birthday, but now it's just bills."


    2. "Carnival rides. Used to love 'em as a kid. Now I can't get on the tilt-a-whirl without getting super sick."


    3. "Growing up. I couldn't wait to grow up when I was a kid, but I dread getting older now."


    4. "Yoplait whipped key lime yogurt. It was the only yogurt I would eat and I ate a lot of it. Now thinking about the taste makes me sick."


    5. "Weirdly, I remember being a kid and wanting to go to meetings. It just seemed so cool and so important, something that adults who were movers and shakers did. I've definitely had my fill! I go to meetings damn nearly every damn day. FUCK meetings!"

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    6. "Swimming in public pools."


    7. "Emails. I was in college when I got an email address and was super excited to get an email. Now, I hate getting them because it’s either a stupid meeting or something I have to do/address at work."


    8. "Spinning around. As a kid I would basically do a T pose and spin in place for fun. I'd get dizzy for a few seconds and then I'd be back to normal. Now, if I did that, I'd feel nauseous for the rest of the day, and would probably have to lie down for a few hours."


    9. "Being sick. When I was a kid it meant staying home from school and watching The Price is Right in the morning and TRL all afternoon. As an adult it means no paycheck."


    10. "Spending the night at someone else’s house."


    11. "Teenagers. When I was a kid, teenagers were so cool. Now they're the most obnoxious people in the world."


    12. "Fast food. I used to love it because my parents only allowed me to have it when we were on vacation, so it was like a treat for me. As an adult, their home-cooked food is the treat now."


    13. "Making new friends. It's so much easier when you are still a kid."

    14. "Talking on the phone. Used to stay on the phone for hours at a time three-way calling with friends. Now the idea of my phone ringing makes me want to puke."


    15. "TV shows with laugh tracks."


    16. "Going to the mall. It was such an experience as a kid! Now I avoid it at all costs."


    17. "Sleeping in. I'm getting older, and I now have the realization that my existence is a ticking clock. I don't want to waste time sleeping when I could be doing other things."



    18. And finally, "Paying. Remember being a kid and wanting to pay to feel like an adult? Bet you don’t like it anymore, do you?"


    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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