People On TikTok Are Spilling Water On Their Babies And The Reactions Are Incredible

    Water you crying about?

    I'm glad I don't have a baby right now, but I have to admit, they sure make great additions to TikTok videos. Last month, it was all the rage for moms to show their boobs to their breastfed babies and record their reactions.

    This month, parents are jokingly spilling water on their babies and filming the reactions.

    While the boob challenge generated a pretty consistent reaction of pleasure, the water trend has brought out a whole spectrum of emotions in babies. This baby was very disappointed in their mama:


    I’m never doing a Tik Tok trend again 😂😂 I felt so bad 🥺🥺🥺 wait for it #fyp#upcycling#babiesoftiktok#whatyoudoingwiththat

    ♬ Ah Eh - queen_zyon1

    This baby couldn't believe the nonsense they were just subjected to:


    😂😂😂😭😭 no babies were harmed in this video #fyp #momsoftiktok

    ♬ Ah Eh - queen_zyon1

    This baby was shaken to their core:


    No babies were harmed in the making of this video 😂😂😂 (she laughed afterward)

    ♬ Ah Eh - queen_zyon1

    This baby had the time of their life:

    This baby was amused, then enraged:


    No babies were harmed in the making #fyp #foryoupage #whatchudoin

    ♬ Ah Eh - queen_zyon1

    And this baby had no clue how to feel:

    Thank you to the parents and babies of TikTok for keeping us endlessly entertained!