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    18 Movie Details That Might Just Change How You See These Famous Movies

    Bet you didn't catch that.

    1. Travis S**t Sandwich's debut.

    2. Betty Boop's nip slip.

    3. The pale man's nod to Goya.

    4. Proudfoot's familiar tiggies.

    5. Lock, Shock, and Barrel's creepy tribute.

    6. Shifu and Tai Lung's identical mannerisms.

    7. Baby Kuzco's foreshadowing toys.

    8. Max's second chance.

    9. Lilo and Stitch's Mulan decor.

    10. Guillermo's inside joke.

    11. Hiro's toy soldier.

    12. John Hughes' cameo.

    13. Grand Rapids' big break.

    14. The thugs' ominous costume.

    15. Flick and Dot's return.

    16. Edna Krabappel's impact.

    17. The Bear Jew's origin.

    18. And Soul's crucial footnote.

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