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    25 Sinister Photos Of Submerged Objects That'll Make The Hair On The Back Of Your Neck Stand Up

    Submechanophobia is the fear of partially or fully submerged man-made objects. Now let's sink deeper and deeper into the sea...

    I recently wrote a post about submechanophobia, which is the fear of partially or fully submerged man-made objects. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're weirdly into this stuff), there are a lot more photos where that came from. Here are 27 more ridiculously creepy images of submerged objects:

    1. This is what Six Flags New Orleans looked like after Hurricane Katrina:

    A large area is underwater, but with roller coasters and other rides rising up out of the water

    2. Here's a completely submerged log flume boat:

    3. And here's another roller coaster being eaten by the ocean:

    Credit: Mike Groll/AP

    4. Anyone wanna volunteer to walk through this tunnel?

    5. Who wants to check out what's inside this boat?

    6. Or this one:

    A boat with its mast visible above the water, but the rest of it is submerged and can be seen at the bottom of the lake

    7. Let's dive a little deeper. Check out this creepy mine shaft:

    8. And these airplanes 😭:

    Scuba divers swim to a submerged plane

    9. Don't...

    The nose and cockpit of a fully submerged plane

    10. Think...

    Scuba divers swim around a different submerged plane, with what looks like ropes attached to the front to pull it out of the water

    11. About...

    A scuba diver with their hands on a plane that looks like it has been submerged for a long time, as it's covered in algae

    12. Their origin:

    A very old-looking plane sitting on the bottom of a body of water with parts of the plane missing

    13. Here's a brave soul diving inside one of the sunken planes:

    A diver swims through the inside of a plane full of water

    14. I don't even wanna know why this RV is just chilling at the bottom of a quarry:

    15. Same with this literal bus at the bottom of the ocean:

    A bus sitting on the bottom of the ocean, covered in algae

    16. This diver played a game of chess thousands of feet under the sea:

    A diver has a chess board resting on some form of algae-covered metal

    17. This submerged pile of clothing makes me extremely uneasy:

    A pile of various water-worn clothes, including many shoes that look discolored

    18. I'd like nothing to do with this scary public pool spa:

    19. Or these drowning flights of stairs:

    20. This warship wreck doesn't even look real:

    Credit: REUTERS/Fedja Grulovic/Alamy

    21. I don't even know what this is, but I don't like it. Is that a light on?

    A helmsman's cockpit of a ship with a huge steering wheel; a light is also reflecting off a window and makes it seem like there's a light on inside the cockpit

    22. This looks like a car commercial gone wrong:

    23. And finally, I hope you don't see these little monsters in your nightmares...

    A partially submerged statue with intense-looking eyes
    A partially submerged statue of an animal that makes it look like it's a monster crawling out of the water
    Another partially submerged statue that looks like some kind of plant monster with intense eyes

    H/T: r/submechanophobia