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    18 Of The Most Screwed Up Horror Movie Scenes Ever

    I watched all of these movies so that you never have to.

    If you're one of those people who hates watching horror movies but enjoys hearing about them (from a safe distance), I've got some great news.


    I've spent a good portion of my short life seeking out the most fucked-up horror movie scenes out there, and I'm about to share my findings with you!

    Columbia Pictures

    For those who are wondering, yes, I surprisingly was held enough as a baby.

    Here's my definitive list (in no particular order) of the most screwed-up scenes in horror movie history:

    Warning: The following list has discussions and images of torture, assault, and homicide.

    1. In Saw II when Addison sticks her hands in a box with hidden blades and they start slicing her wrists.

    Twisted Pictures

    Context: A group of people are trying to escape a house filled with saw traps before they die from a nerve agent they're being gassed with. Addison finds an antidote for the gas in a glass box and sticks her hands in to get it.

    Why it's so screwed up: I mean, I'm clutching my arms to my chest just looking at this GIF.

    2. The ending of Inside when the terrifying woman who's been stalking the pregnant protagonist the whole movie cuts her baby out of her stomach using scissors.

    La Fabrique de Films

    Context: A few months after her husband died in a car crash, Sarah is home alone the night before her baby is due. A mysterious woman breaks into her house and spends the whole movie chasing Sarah to try to cut the baby out of her stomach.

    Why it's so screwed up: You so badly want Sarah to destroy this evil and terrifying woman. She comes extremely close when she blow-torches her face! But alas, Sarah unexpectedly goes into labor and is left debilitated while the melty-faced monster slices into her belly (and kills her).

    3. In Hereditary when Charlie is going into anaphylactic shock, so she sticks her head out of the car window to get air and gets decapitated by a road sign.


    Context: Sixteen-year-old Peter's mom forces him to bring his little sister Charlie to a party. Charlie is deathly allergic to nuts and accidentally eats some chocolate cake that has nuts in it. Peter races her to the hospital and she gets decapitated when she sticks her head out the window for air and he swerves towards a road sign.

    Why it's so screwed up: It happens about half an hour into the movie and is ENTIRELY unexpected since the trailer doesn't reveal that she dies. Also, Peter is in such shock that he drives straight home with her decapitated body, leaves it in the car, goes to his room, and tells no one. The next morning their mom finds the body in the car and you hear her gut-wrenching reaction.

    4. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre when the dried-up grandpa sucks the blood from a cut on Sally's finger.


    Context: A group of teens are pursued and killed off by a family of cannibals. Sally finds herself at a terrifying dinner table surrounded by every single one of them!

    Why it's so screwed up:
    The grandpa looks like a corpse so you assume he's dead until he starts SUCKING ON HER FINGER.

    5. The scene in The Exorcist when Regan spider-crawls down the stairs.

    Warner Bros.

    Context: Twelve-year-old Regan becomes possessed and her family desperately tries to save her with the help of some priests.

    Why it's so screwed up: The director thought this scene was too scary to put it in the original cut of the movie, if that says enough.

    6. The scene in Alien where Kane starts choking and convulsing out of nowhere and an alien bursts from his chest.

    20th Century Fox

    Context: A bunch of astronauts are on their way back to earth when they stop on the moon and crew member Kane gets attacked by a creature that latches onto his face. It eventually falls off and dies. Kane seems fine until later on when he starts spasming at dinner and an alien bursts out of his chest.

    Why it's so screwed up: The chest-burst happens out of nowhere during a chill, normal dinner. It also looks like an excruciating way to die.

    7. The ending of the UK version of The Descent where you think Sarah has escaped from the creature-filled cave, but she wakes up from a dream to find herself STILL IN THE CAVE.

    Celador Films

    Context: A group of women go spelunking and get trapped in a cave filled with cannibal mutant creatures who start killing them off one by one.

    Why it's so screwed up: Honestly, after spending nearly two hours watching people in a dark cave filled with killer mutants, it's such a relief to finally see daylight. When you realize she was just dreaming, all hopes are pretty much smashed to smithereens.

    8. The scene in The Shining when Jack thinks he's kissing a babe in room 237, but she turns into a rotting corpse and starts chasing him.

    Warner Bros.

    Context: Jack and his family are staying alone in an enormous hotel while he tries to write a book. He starts descending into madness and seeing A LOT of weird shit throughout the hotel.

    Why it's so screwed up: Corpse lady is possibly one of the creepiest-looking people I've ever seen in a horror movie. Her sudden transformation from being a beautiful woman makes it all the more terrifying.

    9. The scene in Cabin Fever where Marcy shaves the skin off her legs.

    Lionsgate Films

    Context: A group of teens contract a flesh-eating virus while staying in a cabin in the woods.

    Why it's so screwed up: Coming from someone who has cut their legs many a time while shaving, this is pretty much my worst nightmare.

    10. In Hostel when Josh's achilles tendons are sliced.


    Context: A bunch of traveling college students get kidnapped and tortured by rich Europeans.

    Why it's so screwed up: If you weren't aware, when your Achilles tendon gets sliced, it rolls up your leg. That is all.

    11. When you faintly see the moonlight man standing in the corner of the room in Gerald's Game.

    Intrepid Pictures

    Context: Jessie's husband handcuffs her to the bed for a fun sexual time, but he has a heart attack and dies, leaving her trapped to the bed (in a house that's miles from civilization). For the rest of the movie you can't really tell what's a hallucination of hers and what's real.

    Why it's so screwed up:
    At the end of the movie you realize that the moonlight man was indeed real, and is known for cutting off people's body parts! Fortunately he spared Jessie.

    12. Whenever the extremely tall dead-looking dude appears in It Follows.

    Northern Lights Films

    Context: A group of teens are haunted by a supernatural entity that's passed through sexual intercourse (yes, like a metaphorical STI). The entity takes the form of a multitude of different figures, and if it catches you it kills you.

    Why it's so screwed up: There's just something about a very tall and lanky white boy that scares the bejeezus out of me.

    13. When Ronnie has a nightmare about giving birth to a maggot in The Fly.

    20th Century Fox

    Context: After a scientist named Seth has an experiment go wrong, he starts to turn into a fly. His girlfriend Ronnie realizes she's pregnant with his baby and has the terrifying nightmare above.

    Why it's so screwed up: Would you want that thing coming out of your vagina?

    14. In Psycho when we realize that Norman Bates has been keeping his mother's dead body in his house.

    Shamley Productions

    Context: You think the mom of the guy who owns this hotel is the person murdering everyone, but alas it was just the guy pretending to be his mom (and his actual mom is dead and in his basement).

    Why it's so screwed up: It's a terrifying reveal, coupled with the realization that this man has kept his dead mother in his home for god knows how long.

    15. In Drag Me to Hell when Sylvia Ganush attacks Christine in the parking garage and sucks on her face.

    Ghost House Pictures

    Context: Christine, a loan officer, denies an elderly woman a third extension on her mortgage. She then attacks her in the parking garage and puts a curse on her.

    Why it's so screwed up: Christine is just minding her own business getting into her car when she turns around to find Sylvia in the backseat (whose sole goal at this point is to make Christine's life a living hell...literally).

    16. The scene in Insidious when Elise takes a photo of Josh and you realize he's been possessed by the terrifying older lady.

    Blumhouse Productions

    Context: Two parents are trying to save their child who has been possessed by an evil spirit. The father, Josh (who was also haunted as a child), has to go into the other creepy dimension to save him.

    Why it's so screwed up: You think that Josh has successfully saved the family from evil, but alas, he's been possessed by the horrifying elderly lady who used to haunt him when he was a kid.

    17. When Quint slides into the shark's mouth in Jaws and gets eaten.

    Universal Pictures

    Context: Three men try to kill an enormous shark that's been eating beachgoers.

    Why it's so screwed up: Quint is a total badass and his death by shark is unexpected and devastating.

    18. In Misery when Annie breaks Paul's ankles with a sledgehammer.

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    Context: Annie holds her favorite author (Paul) hostage in her home and forces him to write a new manuscript.

    Why it's so screwed up: This is the moment you realize this bitch means business. Paul had also just broken his legs in a car accident, so you can only imagine the physical agony he's in.

    How's everyone doing?


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