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    Girl, These 17 Photos Will Satisfy You In A Way Your Ex-Boyfriend Never Could

    Consider me satisfied.

    1. This bridge light reflection that looks like a crescent moon:

    Lights on a bridge that make it look like a moon

    2. This branch that's perfectly cradling a deliciously fluffy cloud:

    A cloud on a branch

    3. This freshly fallen snow that's straight out of a fairytale:

    A house covered in snow

    4. This rainbow gradient on a plant:

    Rainbow-colored plant

    5. This cat stretching out its perfect little legs and tiggies:

    A cat stretching

    6. This pink cloud that looks like an eye:

    A cloud that looks like an eye

    7. This street art that's supplemented by real flowers:

    A mural on a wall with flowers serving as the hair

    8. This heated floor installation:

    Heated floors

    9. This unblemished yellow onion:

    A yellow onion

    10. This dog whose paw matches his face:

    "Our dog's paw looks like a mini-version of him"

    11. This "invisible" Christmas tree:

    An invisible Christmas tree

    12. These hypnotizing cloud formations in New Hampshire:

    Hypnotizing clouds in the sky

    13. These liters of spilled ink that made a beautiful painting on the ground:

    Spilled ink on the ground

    14. This piece of toast with perfectly placed chocolate sprinkles:

    A piece of toast with chocolate sprinkles

    15. This latte art:

    "Watch our lead Kevin do latte art"

    16. And finally, this person's sea glass collection:

    Sea glass

    H/T: r/oddlysatisfying