I Just Learned About "Russian Cursive" And My Mind Is Boggled That This Is Legible To Millions Of People

    I'm intimidated.

    Despite the fact that I'm of Russian descent, I don't speak a lick of Russian. I do love languages, and I've considered trying to learn a little, but I recently came across something on Reddit that really put me off the idea. I present to thee...Russian cursive:

    Please — why does it look like someone's dying grandpa wrote their signature a million times in a row on a piece of paper?!

    Russian cursive

    This threw me back to that one meme from 2015 of Putin taking notes while Obama spoke. HELP! 

    According to some Russians in the comments, the samples in that first post are examples of especially "old-school" and "lazy" cursive, which brings me some relief.

    People commenting that these are old school and lazy examples of cursive

    Still — I was entranced by these scribbles and needed to see more. Here are 12 more examples that I found:






    Twitter: @EUROSHlMA


    English and russian cursive #handwriting #fountainpen

    Twitter: @iTechnolog


    the vampire astronaut anime has russian cursive in the op

    Twitter: @Cobatts


    Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Russian cursive writing. There are 6 letters in here, with 4 distinct letters 😂

    Twitter: @Lev_Zeppelin


    Every few months I see those pictures of how “crazy” russian cursive is. Eh, it’s a big exaggerated, but russian cursive IS cool! First two pics are me practicing, the third is a card from my grandparents in cursive letters but spaced out.

    Twitter: @beanbabykaren

    And for the record, this is apparently what high-quality Russian cursive looks like:



    Either way, I'm just gonna stick to my Duolingo Spanish lessons for the time being. Adiós!