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    Updated on May 31, 2019. Posted on May 30, 2019

    A Roadrunner Is Flirting With A Woman By Bringing Her Lizards And I Can't Get Enough

    Mr. Meepmeep or bust.

    I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across a thread that changed my life forever. The subject? A roadrunner named Mr. Meepmeep.

    VITAL UPDATE: my road runner porch-buddy used to run away if I wanted a pic but now when he catches a lizard he KNOCKS ON MY DOOR and then parades his catch around and poses, it’s amazing. Who’s a good boy! Mr Meepmeep! 😍

    Mr. Meepmeep visits 42-year-old writer Havi Brooks' house in Arizona almost every day. He often comes bearing lizards, crickets, and other fancy treats, and he knocks on her door to get her attention.

    Mr Meepmeep knocking on my door with his prize

    And he is unbelievably adorable.

    "Apparently during mating season male roadrunners will offer a female fun snacks like lizards to get her to like him and say yes," Brooks told BuzzFeed.

    Sometimes he even does a special dance.

    His most chill and mundane version of the “I brought you a present” dance

    According to this zoologist, Mr. Meepmeep is actually trying to seduce his own reflection.

    Great thread (incl vid) of a roadrunner (yes they are real) trying to court its own reflection. Meepmeep!

    But the internet prefers the storyline of him being in love with a human.

    @havi I instantly fell in love with that little roadrunner guy and feel sad for his unrequited love for you.. would you reconsider?

    @havi @HazelMonforton First time I’ve ever envied someone for being hit on by a boy

    Brooks appreciates everyone's hope for a love story, but has made clear that she and Mr. Meepmeep will remain friends.

    And everyone is totally adorable to suggest marriage but I am just not the marrying type so I will keep being the witch of the garden and he will keep showing off his lizard collection / dance moves

    In conclusion, Mr. Meepmeep is still single. Any takers?

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