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    17 Dollhouses That I — A Full-Fledged Adult — Would Like To Play With

    I'm impressed.

    1. This dollhouse that has the windows of my dreams:

    2. This intricate dollhouse that was made by a very adoring grandpa:

    3. This superhero headquarters that would excite any MCU fan:

    4. This victorian dollhouse that'll transport you back to the 19th century:

    5. This incredibly cool antique dollhouse modeled after a 1912 apartment building:

    6. This dollhouse that is probably infested with spirits:

    7. This dollhouse INSIDE a dollhouse:

    8. This dollhouse that looks like the rich kid in the neighborhood's digs:

    9. This dollhouse that's inhabited by a fishy:

    10. This dollhouse that's a sparkly, gem-filled paradise:

    11. This dollhouse that belongs in Architectural Digest:

    12. This dollhouse that's lucky enough to have an infinity pool:

    13. This dollhouse whose creator took detail VERY seriously:

    14. This hobbit-inspired dollhouse that's definitely fit for Bilbo Baggins: 

    15. This chemistry lab dollhouse that almost (ALMOST) made me nostalgic for high school science class:

    16. This dollhouse that would fit perfectly in a cozy East Coast town:

    17. And this dollhouse that, believe it or not, is worth $8.5 million: