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    17 Things "The Undoing" Never Fully Addressed That We Still Need Answers To

    Consider our brains "undone."


    On last night's episode of HBO Max's The Undoing, Elena Alves' killer was finally revealed and viewers kicked themselves for not just sticking with their gut instinct all along.

    Me: I knew it was him! After I blamed EVERY single character. #TheUndoing


    Even though our most important question was answered, there are still quite a few loose ends that we'd love for HBO to tie up ASAP:

    1. What's the meaning behind the opening credits? Is the little girl supposed to be a young Grace?

    A little girl with curly red hair playing.

    2. Why didn't Grace immediately lawyer up when she was being ambushed by detectives at the start of the series? If her father was that wealthy, wouldn't he have a family attorney on call?

    Two detectives speaking to Grace in her kitchen.

    3. Why does Grace cross-examine her patients like she’s a prosecutor and not a therapist? Would she be able to get away with talking to them like that in real life?

    Grace with her two patients.

    4. What was the point of all those sexual visions Grace had about Elena?

    Elena and Grace talking in the locker room.

    5. Who was Jonathan's other affair with that he mentioned to his lawyer?

    Jonathan meeting with his lawyer in prison.

    6. What did Grace's father do for a living that made him so rich?

    Grace's father sitting in a museum.

    7. What was Jonathan doing every day during those three months when he wasn't working?

    The Frasers in their kitchen.

    8. How did Jonathan barge into Fernando's apartment without getting in actual trouble for witness tampering?

    Jonathan in Fernando's apartment

    9. How did Henry automatically "know" his dad was having an affair from just seeing him speak to Elena on the street?

    Jonathan waving to Henry while speaking to Elena.

    10. Why was Grace taking a night walk by Elena’s studio — which was clearly nowhere near her Upper East Side apartment — on the night of the murder?

    11. Why didn’t Elena’s portrait of Grace ever come up in court?

    A hand holding an iPhone showing a painting of Grace.

    12. Why did Jonathan "dispose" of the hammer so sloppily?

    Henry taking the hammer out of the fireplace.

    13. How did Grace not notice that the dishwasher was being run twice in a row right when they got to the beach house?

    Henry looks at a hummer with a surprised expression.

    14. Will Grace’s dad get his $2 million bail money back even though Jonathan didn’t show up at court in the last episode?

    Franklin and Grace sitting next to each other in court.

    15. How did the helicopter Grace and her dad were chasing Jonathan in land so fast?

    Jonathan about to jump off the bridge with the helicopter in the background.

    16. Will Grace even be able to continue being a therapist in New York City after such a high-profile case?

    Grace crying in the helicopter.

    17. And finally, what's gonna happen with Jonathon’s daughter? Will Fernando just keep raising her?

    Fernando holding the baby.

    Do you have any lingering questions about The Undoing? Tell us in the comments below!