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14 Posts That Aged So Terribly, The People Who Created Them Are Probably In Hiding Right Now

Oy vey.

1. This hater Facebook group dedicated to how Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga) will never be famous:

2. This quote from Todd Davis who ended up getting his identity stolen over a dozen times:

3. This terribly timed "recipe of the week":

4. This painfully ironic tweet from John Mulaney about his ex wife:

5. This appraisal of Wordle having an older internet vibe...mere weeks before The New York Times bought it:

6. This Reddit user who didn't know how to dream big:

7. This issue of Houstonia magazine that praised Astroworld:

8. This headline about the internet from 2000:

9. This FaceTime shade:

10. This Elizabeth Holmes cover story:

11. This person who underestimated the greatness of Lil Nas X:

12. This post about how COVID is gonna "blow over":

13. This post about the Kanye drama being over:

14. And finally, this post about winter not affecting Texas:

H/T: r/agedlikemilk