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    15 Restaurants That Don't Seem To Grasp The Meaning Of "Outdoor Dining"


    I've been a little out of the loop thanks to my ☀️ California girl ☀️ status, but apparently winter weather has arrived in various parts of the country.

    @willsmithx4 / PBS

    As a result, restaurants have been scrambling to create "outdoor dining" setups to keep their businesses alive in the midst of a pandemic, while adhering to local health regulations.

    An outdoor dining setup in New York City.
    Alexi Rosenfeld / Getty Images

    The one glaring issue? A lot of these spaces are still enclosed — leading to some serious side-eye from both health experts and pedestrians. Here are some examples of what these "outdoor dining" experiences look like:


    It’s a riddle 🤔 from mildlyinfuriating


    Outdoor dining has gradually escalated into what might reasonably be called a buildings.


    In NYC outdoor dining has become indoor dining on the sidewalk.


    Really puts the indoors in “outdoor dining “


    At what point does ‘outdoor dining’ become indoor dining?


    “Indoor dining is a super spreader for covid” New York City: We have outdoor dining available. We just gonna build a building outside so you can dine Inside while outside so you don’t have to dine inside. Cuz it’s outside. See.


    How is this considered outdoor dining? from funny



    winter outdoor dining enclosure, aka indoors, we’ve come full circle. from nyc


    Koreatown’s “outdoor dining” from newyorkcity


    they literally built a house for “outdoor”dining?


    When outdoor dining meets a windy day. #eastvillage


    Okay New York. We’ve upgraded the outdoor dining spaces from airy cabana to full on tiny homes. This is not safe.



    @jameshamblin Love this outdoor dining setup on 7th Ave south that got built a few weeks ago. We’re totally doing this outdoor dining thing correctly, right?

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