19 Straight-Up Disturbing Photos That'll Haunt You For Weeks — You've Been Warned

    If you were considering an internet break, this article will be the final nail in the coffin.

    1. This person's X-ray of their broken back:

    xray of back bone broken

    2. And this mysterious rash that appeared on someone else's back:

    small bumpy patch

    3. This sweat stain from a fever:

    sweat stain in the form of a person lying on their side

    4. This inevitable soup explosion (who does this?!):

    paper bag filled with soup handing from the car door handle

    5. This person's skin reaction to watches:

    skin peeling where the watch was

    6. This maggot inside someone's earbud:

    closeup of the maggot stuck inside

    7. This medical emergency:

    xray and glass tumbler

    8. This biker's teeny tiny scrape:

    road rash all down the right leg, with the shorts torn off

    9. This ball of dead skin someone made from rubbing their hands together quickly:

    marble sized ball of dark dead skin

    10. This person's psoriasis scalp scrapings:

    pile of flakes

    11. This deadly piece of hail:

    hail larger than a person's hand

    12. This tower made of chewing tobacco and cigarette butts:

    tower coming out tall of a large bin outside

    13. This TMI from a butcher:

    butcher disclosing that if he finds cancer in the meat, he just cuts it off and then still sells it

    14. This surprise slug:

    small slug on top of an opened soda can

    15. This grandma's ancient brush:

    hair brush with crusty hair

    16. This bug that a doctor pulled out of a patient's ear:

    wasp-looking bug

    17. These testicle earrings:

    testicle earrings with hair

    18. This bug in someone's eye:

    small bug in someone's eye

    19. And finally, this microwaved banana:

    microwaved banana looks like there's a translucent worm inside

    H/T: r/MakeMeSuffer