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    21 Eerie Photos That Are Going To Make You Feel Ridiculously Small Compared To The Gigantic World Around You

    "Megalophobia" is an intense fear of immensely large objects. If you think you might have megalophobia, I'm gonna recommend that you not look at these photos.

    A couple weeks back, I wrote about megalophobia — the intense fear of large objects.

    Readers were both terrified and entranced by the photos in the article, so here are 21 more pictures to get lost in:

    1. The horse:

    2. The boat:

    3. The apartment:

    4. The dome:

    5. The clouds:

    6. The spine:

    7. The astronaut:

    8. The eruption:

    9. The statue:

    10. The mine:

    11. The building:

    12. The water tower:

    13. The waterfall:

    14. The sun:

    15. The pylon:

    16. The fog:

    17. The plant:

    18. The tree:

    19. The stork:

    20. The propeller:

    21. And finally, the satellite:

    H/T: r/megalophobia