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    People With Children Are Sharing Photos Of How Their Kid Ruined Their Day, And It'll Make You Happy To Be Childfree

    I want kids, but I don't want kids, but they're so cute, but they're also the worst, but who's gonna take care of me when I'm old 🤔 ... Much to ponder.

    1. This person's kid used their dad's Face ID while he was sleeping to try and buy a $279.99/month subscription:

    screenshot to cancel the order

    2. This person's kid buried his AirPods outside:

    airpods found outside in the dirt

    3. This person's kid created the toothpaste situation from hell:

    toothpaste covering the opening

    4. This person's kid complained there was "no food in the house" right after they did a full grocery shop:

    fruit on the counter and pantry stocked

    5. This person's kid eats cucumbers like an animal:

    the middle of the cucumber left in the bowl

    6. This person's kid only likes to eat half the pepper:

    halves left behind

    7. And this person's kid considers an apple "finished" after one nibble. SO. MUCH. FOOD. WASTE:

    one small bite in an apple

    8. This person's kid managed to lose the match to every single pair of socks they owned:

    socks laid out on a bed

    9. This person's kid opens up bread bags in the most disrespectful way:

    bag torn open in the middle

    10. This person's kid straight-up broke their TV:

    lines through the TV while a show is on

    11. This person's kid ruined a brand new bag of risotto because they dropped their phone in the toilet:

    phone in a bag of rice

    12. This person's kid clogged the bathtub with a golf ball:

    golf ball in the drain

    13. This person's kid takes advantage of the fact that they know their dad's Apple Watch passcode:

    background changed on the watch

    14. This person's kid purposely leaves the Rubik's Cube unfinished to piss off their parents:

    one wrong color on each side of the cube

    15. And finally, this person's kid is responsible for their parent's car smelling like chicken noodle soup for years to come:

    spilled takeout all over the car seat

    H/T: r/mildlyinfuriating