34 People Who Literally Had The Worst Day In The Entire World, Like, It's Truly Only Up From Here

    They need a reset button.

    1. This person who broke both their legs on the same day:

    2. This person who just so happened to be parked in their black Jeep Compass when they got this Amber Alert:

    3. This person who "rolled a joint" on weed day:

    4. This person whose sink became a sinkhole:

    5. This person who won't be eating packaged dinners for a long time:

    6. This person whose strainer broke at the worst possible time:

    7. This person who wanted to feel better, but ended up feeling a whole lot worse:

    8. This person who's just gonna have to go without their gloves forever — sorry:

    9. This person who spent the better part of their night plucking ticks off their bunny:

    10. This person whose dinner had a parasite in it:

    11. This person whose car straight-up exploded:

    12. This person who split their pants, Spongebob style:

    13. This person whose SUV was demolished in one fell swoop:

    14. This person who narrowly escaped death:

    15. This person who underestimated the power of winter:

    16. This person who probably just twiddled their thumbs for six hours:

    17. This person who definitely skipped breakfast that morning:

    18. This person who came face to face with the ring of death:

    19. This person whose Apple Watch said "bye bye":

    20. This person whose dog really changed the trajectory of their day:

    21. This person who experienced an unfathomable amount of pain:

    X-ray of a person's hand.

    22. This person who doubled their work day:

    23. This person who had to settle for chocolate soup at Easter:

    24. These people, who probably rue the day they decided to go to CrossFit in the first place:

    25. This person who forgot about the beer:

    26. This person who won't be doing any hiking on their trip:

    27. This person who had a very unfavorable ingredient added to their rice:

    28. This person who accidentally purchased "All Lime" Skittles:

    29. This person who won't be getting to their car any time soon:

    30. This person who demolished a house:

    31. This person who's gonna have to get used to the smell of urine:

    32. This person whose car is pretty much unusable:

    33. This person who had to clean on an empty stomach:

    34. And finally, this person who broke their foot the day before they moved to a foreign country:

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks