These 23 Very Specific People Were Singled Out By The Universe, And Okay, It's Kind Of Amusing

    F*** Todd in particular.

    1. This person who keeps having shit thrown on their lawn:

    2. The left-handed person who was interested in purchasing a screwdriver:

    3. This person who likes to race their Ford:

    4. The Danish person reading this sign:

    5. These people who are unashamedly obsessed with mayo:

    6. This person who thought they found a cool parking spot:

    7. This person who was edited out of the iconic end picture in The Shining:

    Credit: Matthew Chattle / Alamy

    8. Debbie:

    9. Tory:

    10. This person who survived a volcanic eruption, only to be killed by a falling stone slab:

    11. This person whose car was overtaken by bees:

    12. And this person whose car was overtaken by rage:

    13. This person who did their best at drawing a turnip:

    14. Randy:

    15. This person who was one in a million to experience a power outage:

    16. Doug:

    17. Rebecca:

    18. Steve:

    19. Troy:

    20. Todd:

    21. Jared:

    22. Tanner:

    23. And finally, this person's boyfriend: