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22 "American" Versions Of Other Countries' Dishes That Make Non-Americans Cringe

The claws are OUT.

We recently asked non-American members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us a dish from their country that the United States has totally botched. Here are their complaints:

1. Smearing frosting on cinnamon rolls.

2. Drowning Chinese food in sauce and grease.

3. Putting anything besides fries, cheese curds, and gravy in poutine.

4. Using croissants for sandwiches.

5. Mixing wasabi in soy sauce and using ginger as a sushi topping.

6. Making carbonara with cream sauce.

7. Using hard-shell tacos and pretty much every other stereotypical ingredient involved in an American "taco night."

8. Putting a meal on a smaller plate and calling it "tapas."

9. Adding pasta to goulash.

10. Serving lamb with mint jelly.

11. Using tea bags and heating the water in the microwave.

12. The invention of deep-dish pizza.

13. Using tea bags for chai and calling it "chai tea."

14. Wrapping hot dogs in a pastry (aka pigs in a blanket) instead of in bacon.

15. Making chocolate that tastes both too sweet and too bland.

16. Putting chorizo and hard-boiled eggs in paella.

17. Assembling poke in a line with a lot of ingredients.

18. Preparing French dressing with mayonnaise and ketchup.

19. Smearing Vegemite thickly on toast.

20. Adding shrimp and seafood to pho.

21. Making bubble tea "smoothies."

22. Putting cream cheese and fruit in sushi.

Some submissions have been edited for clarity and grammar.