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    28 Mother-In-Laws That Are Making The Whole "Marriage" Thing Seem Really Unappealing Right Now


    1. This MIL (mother-in-law) who failed to tell her whole family that she had COVID...and gave it to all of them:

    2. This MIL who seems to think her granddaughter is her child:

    3. This MIL who should have taken a look in the mirror before calling someone combative:

    4. This MIL who refuses to call her daughter's partner by their chosen name:

    5. This MIL who's sending a scary not-so-subliminal message:

    6. This MIL who has it out for her daughter-in-law:

    7. This MIL who thinks the coronavirus pandemic was a "plandemic":

    8. This MIL who's a little too obsessed with what's gonna happen to her grandson's foreskin:

    9. This MIL who's proudly unvaccinated:

    10. This MIL who's mad at her son and daughter-in-law for not letting her endanger her grandchild:

    11. This MIL who's both passive aggressive and totally erratic:

    12. This MIL who has no concept of boundaries:

    13. This MIL who's doing anything she can to complicate her kid's wedding planning process:

    14. This MIL who likes to deal low blows:

    15. This MIL who considers herself a scientist:

    16. This MIL who's a professional food waster:

    17. This MIL who called the police because her Facebook looked weird:

    18. And this MIL who had a very similar thought process:

    19. This MIL who refuses to acknowledge any winter holiday except for Christmas:

    20. This MIL who really thought she made an astute observation:

    21. Same with this anti-gay MIL:

    22. This MIL who makes everything worse in her attempt to make things better:

    23. This MIL who committed a heinous food crime:

    24. This MIL who shouldn't be allowed to make the bacon:

    25. This MIL who slices birthday cake like an asshole:

    26. This MIL who's a nightmare to share groceries with:

    27. This MIL who wastes energy like nobody's business:

    28. And finally, this MIL who REALLY missed the mark on her Christmas gift: