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18 Unsettling Photos That Made Me Check My Own Pulse

People are weird. Things are weird. Life is weird.

I think I need a second set of eyes for some photos I just saw, because I'm having trouble believing they're real. Here are 18 pictures from r/Weird that made my head spin:

1. "Haven't seen this before."

Person in platform shoes, each one with a small cage containing a rat attached to the heel, with text "ONLY IN NEW YORK" at top

2. "This birthday card my daughter made for me."

A sketchbook open to a page with hand-drawn doodles of various cartoonish faces and animals

3. "Found this at the public restroom. Might give them a call later."

Sticker on a surface with text from a "local video production company" promoting a local farting contest and a phone number for contact

4. "What am I witnessing?"

A person shares a letter from their 87-year-old father in prison, who wants him to "get this info to a physicist," claiming a new way to make energy, and asks for insights regarding a very intricate chart he also sent

5. "I found this in the woods. What do you think is inside? I was nervous to open it."

A geocache container is attached to a tree trunk in a wooded area

6. "This strange allergy."

Article headline about a 25-year-old woman who is allergic to water, discussing her experience with scalp bleeding after showers

7. "Rich people are weird."

Two images side by side, showing a plated "chicken cooked in a pig's bladder," before and after being cut, served in an upscale dining setting

8. "Finger found at my local Walmart."

9. "Found this while walking today. Guess I'm gonna die soon."

Silver pendant with intricate design of a scary-looking hooded figure holding scales, held in a person's hand

10. "There is an internet rumor that this brand of perfume attracts wolf spiders, and a wolf spider showed up in my house today for the first time ever."

Person holding a bottle of hair oil spray with a spider on the wall in the background

11. "Jailbreak or trash?"

Discarded clothing labeled "Utah Department of Corrections Inmate Work Crew" and trash entangled in barren shrubbery and grass with snow patches on ground

12. "This item on Facebook Marketplace."

Taxidermy deer with antlers emerging from where its eyes were, and the eyes now attached to the top of the antlers, along with hunting gear, advertised for sale online with a price of $1,234, with option to message seller

13. "That isn't my last name."

Receipt with a handwritten note saying "Alex dead" under the name section

14. "I opened the curtains in my hotel to a pretty strange sight this morning..."

Multiple doll or mannequin heads are seen in a window across from another window, appearing to be in a line

15. "Squirrel tails are uncomfortably thin."

Squirrel standing upright with its paws spread on a window and its very thin tail, surrounded by hair, visible, along with foliage and a road in the background

16. "DoorDash driver texted me this way after drop-off."

Text messages show person asking if their DoorDash delivery person is nearby, and the person responds, "I was born ready live to die die to live"

17. "He is missing the other half of his body."

A large Donald Trump figure, with just a head and suit, no pants or bottom torso, on the back of a vehicle

18. And finally, "Time to delete Bumble."

Person wearing a shirt that's raised, showing their bare chest, with their pants down around their hips, showing their underwear, jumping mid-air, with their face obscured and snowy lakeside view in the background