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    12 Millennials Who Are Funnier Than Gen Z'ers

    '90s kids unite!

    1. This woman made a mini horror movie out of the thing that every twentysomething millennial is terrified of.

    2. This woman reenacted the painful conversation that all single millennials are forced to have with their mothers about dating.

    3. This man showed Gen Z'ers the importance of "but first, coffee."

    4. Alec Baldwin's daughter, Ireland, gave us perspective on how much has truly changed since the early 2000s.


    Reposting because Tik Tok wants to take my sound down?? Don’t be lame.

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    5. This woman got real about the one man millennials will likely never stop thirsting over.

    6. This woman reminded us of the hairstyle that every millennial is still trying to forget.

    7. This mom demonstrated the hypocrisy of any millennial parent who finds WAP inappropriate.


    #millennial parents right now with #WAP lmao. #myneckmyback was the song that made our parents heads turn- back in the day 🥴 #momsoftiktok

    ♬ original sound - Ashlay Soto ✔️

    8. This woman found crucial evidence that proves how kids these days are growing up too fast.

    9. This man slapped us in the face with nostalgia in the form of the "Education Connection" commercial.

    10. This woman put Gen Z'ers in their place and told them to stop making dances to songs that already have one.


    YAL KILLIN ME! If you need a tutorial, just ask! Dang 😂😂😂 #walkitout #millennialdances #millennials #tiktokover30 #alyjae

    ♬ Walk It Out - Unk

    11. This woman pointed out how millennials are able to laugh in the face of adversity.


    Each generation is handling this crisis differently #genx #boomer #millennial #genz #xyzbca #fyp

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    12. And this woman reminded us that millennials will always be stronger than Gen Z'ers.