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    22 Posts That Show The Devastating Ways Millennials And Gen Z'ers Are Set Up For Failure


    1. Not being able to qualify for a home loan, so having to empty your pockets for rent instead:

    2. Having to pay three times as much as our parents did when they were our age for literally everything:

    3. Not having any semblance of a retirement plan:

    4. Not being able to afford health insurance:

    When dentist asked patient who hadn't seen a dentist in 30 years because they had no insurance and couldn't afford it what they did when they got sick, the patient said "I waited it out unless I thought I was going to die"

    5. Being bombarded with boomer sayings that just...don't apply anymore:

    6. Feeling really grim about the future:

    7. Being subjected to the possibility of an active shooter at any turn, and law enforcement with cold feet to compound that:

    Credit: Brandon Bell / Getty Images

    8. Coming to the conclusion that we will probably never own a home:

    Credit: Alamy

    9. Suffering the consequences of toxic masculinity:

    Tweet about someone's sister who said that boys are easier to raise than girls, but their 17-year-old was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and the dangers of treating boys as if they need less guidance

    10. Experiencing crises at the hands of capitalism:

    11. Choosing death over debt:

    Never being able to achieve the "American dream":


    Credit: Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy

    13. Staying poor, thanks to billionaires:

    14. Being scammed in every aspect of our finances:

    Tweet about how they paid off their student loan and their credit score went down because loan companies wanna hold you down for as long as possible

    15. Not seeing any progress regarding gun legislation:

    Tweet about how they're banning books, hormone therapy, reproductive healthcare, history lessons, Pride flags, the word "gay" — anything but guns

    16. Dealing with obscene grocery prices:

    17. Going to grad school to make half as much as we'd make as a bartender:

    Tweet about person's daughter with two master's degrees in education who was offered a teaching position paying $16/hour but was making $55,000 as a bartender

    18. Dealing with housing "solutions" that are honestly offensive:

    A post about a Brownstone "co-living concept" in California that consists of bunk bed–type "pods" with a ladder where up to 14 people can live in a house

    19. Wanting so desperately to relieve our friends of financial burden, even though we're broke too:

    20. Working painfully low minimum-wage jobs:

    Tweet saying that "I think part of the problem with raising the minimum wage is half our politicians were born in the 1940s and still think rent is $71 a month"

    21. Ignoring potentially life-threatening issues out of fear of the medical bill:

    22. And finally, accepting misery in order to get by:

    H/T: r/lostgeneration.