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A 30-Year-Old Who Goes To School With Gen Z'ers Is Giving Millennials A Much-Needed Lesson On Emojis

Thank you for your service.

One of the most fascinating discoveries I've made on TikTok is that people are really out here living lives that sound like a sitcom plot. Last week, I went down a rabbit hole about a 30-year-old living in a 55+ beach community in Florida.

This week, I can't get enough of this 30-year-old woman named Scarlett Alexandra who goes to Savannah College of Art and Design and lives in a dorm with Gen Z'ers:


Dorm Tour Part 1 since yall are curious about how I don't go absolutely insane. Spoiler alert: I'm an art kid. #genz #collegelife #millennial #millennialvsgenz #dormlife #artistsoftiktok #benice

♬ original sound - Scarlett

Her first video to pop up in my feed was one she made about what Gen Z'ers "really mean" when they use certain emojis. This explainer now has over 2.5 million views on the platform.

To sum it up for you, the thumbs up emoji is passive aggressive. If you receive this from a Gen Z'er, you should be insulted.

Scarlett pointing at the thumbs up emoji

The sad eyes emoji means "I'm horny" or "I'm innocent."

Scarlett pointing to the sad eyes emoji

These fingers that are pointing at each other also mean "I'm horny."

Scarlett pointing at the fingers emoji

The sweat bead face means "I'm stressed, but it's fine."

Scarlett pointing at the sweat bead emoji

The upside-down smiley means "fuck my life."

Scarlett pointing to the upside-down smiley

The smiling while crying emoji essentially means "fuck my life" to the 10th degree.

Scarlett pointing at the crying while smiling emoji

The kissy face means either "sounds good to me" or "oooooooh."

Scarlett pointing at the kissy emoji

The cherries mean "titties."

Scarlett pointing at the cherries

The emoji with the wild eyes means "silly goofy mood" (but in a tongue-in-cheek kinda way).

Scarlett pointing to the wild eyes emoji

And the side eyes mean "I'm listening."

Scarlett pointing to the side eyes emoji

We reached out to Scarlett to learn more about her experience living with a bunch of Gen Z'ers. "I am an RA (resident assistant) in the dorms and surrounded by Gen Z kids between the ages of 18–21 who have an entirely different way of communicating than what I'm used to," Scarlett told BuzzFeed. "Group chats are a big thing with them, so the rapid-fire communication style has been a learning curve for me. Specifically with emojis, memes, and phrases. I'm the first one to laugh at myself for being old and obsolete, so I'm always asking questions and my Gen Z peers are more than happy to indulge me!"

Scarlett only had kind things to say about the younger generation. "Gen Z is a much kinder generation than you would expect," she said. "As someone who was bullied on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and Myspace in middle school, I expected the opposite from kids who have never known life without social media..."

Awww, will ya look at that? Millennials and Gen Z'ers getting along — we love to see it!