15 "Midsommar" And "Hereditary" Details Because I Still Can't Get Either Movie Out Of My Head

    I don't know whether it's scarier to write this in broad daylight or darkness 😩.

    Midsommar (2019):

    1. The foreshadowing in the opening shot.

    2. Dani's sister in the trees.

    3. Pelle's eyes outside the barn.

    4. The visual representation of the four elements.

    5. Blue and yellow as a motif.

    6. The hidden eye.

    7. Dani's makeover.

    8. The familiar smile.

    Hereditary (2018):

    9. The subtle herb reference.

    10. A point of inspiration.

    11. The symbolic cacophony. 

    12. A reappearing figure.

    13. The "shadow" in the corner.

    14. An ominous party flick.

    15. And finally, the endless parallels between both films.