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    15 "Midsommar" And "Hereditary" Details Because I Still Can't Get Either Movie Out Of My Head

    I don't know whether it's scarier to write this in broad daylight or darkness 😩.

    Midsommar (2019):

    1. The foreshadowing in the opening shot.

    Midsommar(2019) the opening shot shows a fairy tale depiction of the events of the film from MovieDetails

    2. Dani's sister in the trees.

    In Midsommar (2019), after Dani wins the dance contest you can see her sisters face in the trees with the exhaust hose taped to her mouth. from MovieDetails

    3. Pelle's eyes outside the barn.

    I just noticed an extra pair of eyes during this scene... from Midsommar

    4. The visual representation of the four elements.

    Who has noticed this? Josh is buried under the EARTH, Simon is hanging in the AIR (blood eagle - a real torture method from the viking age), Connie is used for the WATER ritual, Christian burns alive in a FIRE. BOOM - the 4 elements. from Midsommar

    5. Blue and yellow as a motif.

    Color play that I noticed while taking screenshots :o) I wonder if it means something. What do you guys think? from Midsommar

    6. The hidden eye.

    New Hidden Detail: Eye in the Field from Midsommar

    7. Dani's makeover.

    In Midsommar (2019) Dani's clothes are all ill-fitting and baggy. The first outfit she fits into is the dress the village makes for her, showing that she fits in there better than elsewhere. from MovieDetails

    8. The familiar smile.

    Dani’s smile at the end of Midsommar (2019) is strikingly similar to the sun in the painting seen at the beginning of the movie from MovieDetails

    Hereditary (2018):

    9. The subtle herb reference.

    The black herb that is in Charlie's baby bottle and Annie's tea at Joan's house is "Dittany of Crete", a herb known for making the body more susceptible to demonic possession. from Hereditary

    10. A point of inspiration.

    “List of unusual deaths” on Wikipedia from Hereditary

    11. The symbolic cacophony.

    In Ari Asters ‘Hereditary’ 2018 the ending scene’s theme has a mix of bells and trumpets, which is said to accompany King Paimon when he arrives in mythology. from MovieDetails

    12. A reappearing figure.

    Woman in photo album AND grief meeting. from Hereditary

    13. The "shadow" in the corner.

    never noticed this during the first watch. definitely one of the most creepy parts of the movie. from Hereditary

    14. An ominous party flick.

    I was confused of why would teenagers at a party watch a silent film, but it was a scene of Guillotine beheading someone, decapitation is a running theme in Hereditary (2018). from MovieDetails

    15. And finally, the endless parallels between both films.

    Two Peas in a Tripod. from Midsommar

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