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    Amanda Knox Replied To Lady Gaga's Tweet About Prison And There Are No Lies Detected

    "I hear you, but...prison is prison."

    This is Lady Gaga. She became famous for singing.

    This is Amanda Knox. She became famous for being wrongfully convicted of murder and spending nearly four years in Italian prison.

    Although they are famous in different ways, I think we can agree that they are indeed both famous. So it made sense to me when Knox took the liberty of weighing in on this Gaga tweet about fame. Gaga said:

    And to that, Knox replied:

    I hear you, but...prison is prison.

    Here's how the internet reacted to this exchange:

    I'm sorry Gaga, but she kinda got you there. I know you know fame girl, but Knox knows both fame AND prison. So I'm gonna go ahead and say she's the expert on this topic.