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    16 Highly Disturbing Photos That Will Leave You Messed Up For A Long While


    1. This instrument made out of cat skin (and nipples):

    A string instrument with a white covering with tiny holes

    2. This toothbrush that looks as if it's been doubling as a toilet cleaner:

    A dirty, frayed electric toothbrush

    3. This unknown "thing" that a woman found on her living room floor:

    An embryonic-looking thing

    4. This person's amputated fingertip that has "razor sharp" pieces of nail growing out of it:

    Close-up of a fingertip with tiny shards on top

    5. This warning sign that looks as if it belongs in a zombie movie:

    Warning: Public safety notice: If you discover a dead body, do not attempt to give medical assistance, do not approach within 5 meters, report incident immediately

    6. This mysterious blood spatter on the side of someone's car:

    Blood splatter on a white car, including side-view mirror

    7. This wigged dog:

    A short-haired dog with long hair on its head

    8. This tapeworm shot:

    1 oz vodka, 1 oz mayonnaise, dashes Tabasco, and black pepper: Looks like tapeworms in a shot glass

    9. This tiger's shoulder muscles:

    Tiger lying on its stomach at a zoo with very thick shoulder muscles

    10. This cheap Pennywise costume:

    A bodysuit with striped bottoms and a fiery-looking hairpiece with a weird human/dog-looking face

    11. These sculptures that look like alien testicles:

    Stretched-out sculptures hanging from the ceiling with large descending balls, some with nipples, at the bottom

    12. This Google security photo that appears to show a person in a cage?!:

    A person riding a motorcycle with someone in a cage attached to it

    13. This birthday cake that someone's girlfriend made them:

    A misshapen, badly frosted cake with a scary face with marshmallow teeth jutting out of one side, and large wafer sticks on top of the cake

    14. This bizarre towel display in a hotel room:

    Towels loosely tied together in the shape of a person and hanging by the arms from a hanger attached to a ceiling light on the side of the bed, and more towels in the shape of an animal on the bed

    15. This "mostly resolved" problem:

    Door sign saying "The spider infestation problem is mostly resolved"

    16. And finally, these "realistic" Beavis and Butt-Head busts:

    Beavis and Butt-Head busts with AC/DC and Metallica T-shirts

    H/T: r/oddlyterrifying.