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People Are Sharing Photos Of Items That Are Still In Perfect Condition After Decades Of Use, And I'm Aghast

This post is basically a virtual antiques show.

1. "Here is my Nickelodeon alarm clock from the '90s."

Colorful "toy" boom box alarm clock

2. "My in-laws were brilliant: Le Creuset, purchased in 1977."

A Le Creuset pot-and-top set

3. "Grandmother still has her World War II Frigidaire refrigerator, and it still works without a hitch!"

A very old two-door fridge

4. "My original Game Boy still works like a charm."

Game Boy and cartridge games

5. "I just inherited this pan from my late grandfather. He was 93; this pan is at least 115 years old."

Person holding a frying pan

6. "My girlfriend's 1950s Frigidaire stove (which is replacing a far newer and much-harder-to-fix stove)."

Compact and clean stove with two doors and broiler

7. "Willie Nelson’s 'Trigger' — his guitar of choice for over 45 years, even with the gaping hole in the body."

Decrepit-looking wood guitar with extra hole in front

8. "This Stanley thermos was used every day from 1970 to 2018."

Two thermoses on the grass, one rusted, one new

9. "Our Singer sewing machine —100 years old and works perfectly."

10. "When my grandfather passed away, I inherited his auto crawler. I'm still using it to change my oil after 80 years."

Wooden Craftsman Auto Creeper

11. "A USSR-made stopwatch; still in daily use at my physiology lab."

Close-up of a stopwatch with "Made in USSR" on it

12. "A 1939 Snap-On ratchet I found in the desert about 15 years ago."

13. "My car turned 30 today and rolled over 247,000 miles. Kelley Blue Book says it’s worth no more than $1,318 ($250 on a trade-in). I guess I may as well keep it."

A midsize four-door blue car on gravel

14. "These Russian valenki felted wool boots, made entirely out of hardened wool, served me so well here in Texas over the past couple of days. No soles, no form, basically like wearing snow-proof, 2-inch-thick hard-wool socks. I've had them for five years, no sign of wear."

Calf-high boots with snow on them on a mat

15. "A customer of mine came in for help with her voicemail..."

A Nokia cellphone

16. "My Sheaffer Reminder ballpoint pen. This has been in my pocket every weekday for the last 15 years. It used to belong to my grandfather. I know he used it because the brass was already starting to wear through when I got it. They still make the refills for it."

A rusted pen

17. "Waffle iron from the 1920s still working flawlessly."

A waffle iron making waffles

18. "My 'new' 60-year-old Swiss army salt-and-pepper backpack."

A backpack with straps on a couch

19. And finally, "This Zojirushi rice-maker. Just had our 25th anniversary, and this wedding present is going strong. We use it two or three times a week!"

A rice-maker with a floral design

H/T: r/BuyItForLife.

Note: Some entries have been edited for length and/or clarity.