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These 17 People Opened Their Eyes In The Morning And Were Immediately Hit With A Strong Dose Of Reality

This is why I prefer to never get out of bed.

I thought I was having a crappy Monday morning...then I saw these photos and realized my life ain't so bad after all. Here are 17 people who probably wish they'd just slept through the day:

1. "Thirteen and a half years ago when I was in the Army, I took a powernap and I woke up with this next to my face."

A person's hand near a large scorpion under a crawl space with light shining through

2. "Woke up with blood on the wall. Cannot figure out where it came from…"

Streak of a viscous substance dripping down a wall above a baseboard

3. "Woke up with four random tiny cuts on my finger (I don't have any pets if that's what you're thinking)."

Close-up of a person's fingertip with ridged skin, possibly after being in water

4. "Woke up with a mystery bite on my arm and it’s spreading into my bloodstream."

Person's arm with a small bruise, shown against a kitchen background

5. "I woke up with a 'warning ticket' on my car that it was not parked within 12 inches from the curb. Is the cop bored? I even measured it and it barely reached 12 inches."

A car with a ticket and close-up of a measuring tape showing small distance to curb; an unusual parking job

6. "I got laser tattoo removal and woke up with this frog-shaped blister."

A close-up of a gummy bear melted onto a person's skin

7. "I woke up with an itch in my inner ear this morning."

A tiny spider is perched on the cotton end of a Q-tip lying on a countertop

8. "I woke up with this on my leg."

Person's forearm with a noticeable red rash or skin irritation visible

9. "In the past week, my dog of 14 years died, I've been sick, my dad had emergency heart surgery, and this is what I woke up to on my day off."

A car with a shattered windshield and debris scattered over the hood

10. "Woke up to see this crab in my kitchen. I live in the middle of the mountains, like 500 km from the nearest beach."

Crab found indoors near a door, likely an unexpected visitor in a home

11. "Passed out at a London bus stop. Woke up to this."

Fox caught in the act of playfully tugging on a person's pant leg on a street at night

12. "Woke up to a snake in my drawer (I live in Australia)."

Person discovering a snake in a drawer with clothes

13. "Woke up to dog poop smeared throughout the apartment."

A damaged robot vacuum with debris and tangled hair on its brushes, lying on a carpeted floor

14. "My neighbor woke up to this."

Car on jacks without wheels parked on a suburban street

15. "My friend woke up to all his doors stolen."

Car door open, revealing a child's car seat inside. Vehicle parked by roadside with another car's reflection visible

16. "Woke up to a bat in my son's toilet."

Child's potty training toilet with a frog inside

17. And finally, "Woke up to this."

Firefighters battle a blaze at night, with a fire truck in the foreground