These People Hit The Consumer Jackpot With These 16 Items That Will Probably Last Them For Centuries

    And here I am, feeling like it's a win if I own something that lasts longer than three years.

    For the most part, I think bragging is tacky. But I'm kinda obsessed with these redditors who brag about how long they've owned certain items — some of which have been in their family for over 100 years! Here are 16 posts from r/BuyItForLife that made me question my spending habits:

    1. "My iMac and my Apple II from 1982. Only the Apple II still works, and it was found in an abandoned factory."

    Old Apple computers

    2. "The exterior of my 1992 Honda Accord with 951,000 miles on it."

    A Honda Accord

    3. "My 1950 O'Keefe & Merritt stove still works like a charm. I call her Christine."

    An old-fashioned stove

    4. "My grandfather purchased this Cub Cadet in 1974. Almost 50 years later, it's still running strong. It's mostly original down to the tires."

    A lawn mower

    5. "A cleaned out carburetor and new fuel hose later, and this 71-year-old moped runs like a charm again."

    A bicycle

    6. "In 1927, this desk was moved into this office and has been here ever since. Now that's what I call 'Buy It For Life.' It's Leopold Desk Company."

    An old desk with a glass topper

    7. "These Corelle dishes — my mom bought these at 18 when she moved out. She'll be 63 this year."

    Corelle plates

    8. "This backpack has done 10 years of school and 8 years as a tool bag, packing around 30 pounds of tools with no signs of stopping."

    An old, beat-up backpack

    9. "My rubber boots from 1962, which are still waterproof after 61 years."

    Dirty work boots

    10. "My 1977 Kosmos 1 pocket-sized biorhythm calculator. This has 46 years of crunching numbers on it."

    An old hand calculator

    11. "My Krups Type 208B coffee grinder. It's about 30 years old and still scaring my cats and dog every morning."

    A Krups coffee grinder

    12. "Who needs a Spotify subscription — or even internet — with these babies and my CD collection!"

    Old CD players

    13. "My 1979 West Bend Popcorn Maker."

    an old popcorn maker

    14. "This 45-year-old radio-clock my mother got in 1978 when she was 12 years old. It's still used every day."

    A radio alarm clock

    15. "My Jansport Wonderland hip pack from 1995 that still looks new."

    A Jansport fanny pack

    16. And finally, "My 1700s Mousehole anvil. As old, if not older than the US."

    An anvil