21 Head-Exploding "Rage Fuel" Photos That'll Make You Take Up Meditation

    Yup, every single one of these would make me snap.

    I'm sorry if you already meditated today, because you're gonna need to do it again after you see these 21 enraging photos from r/mildlyinfuriating:

    1. "My kid bit my washing machine, and now it leaks."

    A close-up of a washing machine's open door, focusing on a torn rubber seal

    2. "My roommate used the air fryer to dry random sticks and shrubs 😒."

    a collection of sticks and seed pods instead of food

    3. "Our landlord changed our fridge while I was at work."

    Cluttered kitchen counter with various food items and a stove, reflecting a busy household or cooking session

    4. "Alright, this is getting out of hand."

    TV screen showing an ad with a 'Skip in 45' seconds button

    5. "Went hiking and came across the aftermath of a gender reveal."

    Rocky terrain scattered with numerous blue plastic pieces

    6. "I bought a 20-pack of bamboo straws to reduce the plastic I use. They were shipped in a box with bubble wrap. Each straw is wrapped with a piece of plastic that’s as big as my hand."

    Hand holding a single chopstick above several pairs of chopsticks in plastic wrapping

    7. "Our realtor photoshopped out the power lines."

    Top image of a house during daytime. Bottom image with a red arrow pointing at roof, indicating something not visible at first

    8. "Someone in my house keeps biting on my fucking butter."

    A stick of butter with a few slices cut off, sitting on its wrapper, next to a knife on a kitchen counter

    9. "My old office once held a birthday party for me and served pork tacos. I'm Muslim..."

    Carnitas with tortillas, lime, and cilantro in a takeout container

    10. "The new 'smart' bus stops in our town provide no cover from the weather."

    Unusual bench with a backrest that forms an overhead shelter that doesn't cover the whole bench

    11. "The internet, as told in a single screenshot."

    Screenshot of a Google search result page with queries about whether to cover bread while it's cooling after baking

    12. "My roommate accidentally melted the microwave splatter guard onto my favorite cast iron."

    Top-down view of the melted plastic in the pan

    13. "Our neighbor had us sign off so he could install a hot tub. We didn’t know it would be the size of a shipping container that would overlook our yard."

    A frost-covered backyard with a wooden fence and bare trees against a clear sky

    14. "Found this on Instagram."

    A living room wall with uneven paint patches around a sofa, indicating the previous owners did not paint behind their furniture

    15. "The temperature in my hotel room when I checked in."

    Thermostat displaying high temperature of 96 degrees Fahrenheit, indicating a possible malfunction or heatwave

    16. "Sauce on the outside of my sandwich."

    Panini with drizzled sauce, side salad

    17. "An email I received from my leasing office the other day."

    Notice summarizes issues with waste management in a residential area listing inappropriate items found like pizza boxes and beer cans

    18. "A teenager sat opposite me on the train. Here's how he left his seat:"

    An office corner with litter on the carpet and two wall outlets above a heater

    19. "A-hole turned on his brights while waiting for an oil change at 5 p.m."

    Car side mirror covered with snow reflecting light, with a glimpse of a garage interior

    20. "Still waiting on my package…from over a year ago…"

    shipping status is labeled as "in transit" from an order made in 2022

    21. And finally, "My fiancé never changes the toilet paper when he finishes the roll, so I decided to do the same this time. This is what I saw when I went to the bathroom the next time."

    Toilet paper roll is empty and a new one is next to it