23 Tweets About Dating Gen Z'ers That'll Make You Feel Like You Dodged A Bullet If You Were Born Before 1996

    Maybe being a millennial isn't so bad.

    Recent studies have shown that Americans are having a lot less sex than they used to, and apparently, the youngest generations (millennials and Gen Z'ers) are the biggest culprits. Experts say that increased social media use, alcohol consumption, video games, and living longer under a parent's roof are all contributing factors to this nationwide dry spell.

    Since millennials are always shat on, let's focus on the Gen Z'ers for a second, and what "romance" looks like in their universe. Here are 23 tweets that show what those poor souls are dealing with:

    1. The Snapchatter:

    dating as a Gen z human in their early 20s is so embarrassing because sometimes you get hurt by someone who uses Snapchat as their primary method of communication

    Twitter: @whatthefekk
    Charli and Dixie D'Amelio

    2. The acceptance:

    dating as a gen Z is just accepting the fact that u will be ghosted.

    Twitter: @iszporation
    A cartoon ghost

    3. The bluntness:

    i’ve never felt as beautiful as i did the moment a date said unprompted “u seem like u would have acid reflux”

    Twitter: @fettyschwapp
    Kesha burps

    4. The truth:

    I don’t even think dating as a gen Z exists. We’re all just aimlessly wandering around, crying that we’re single and doing nothing about it LOOOOOOOOOL

    Twitter: @hannahakhalu
    A woman crying on the phone

    5. The conundrum:

    Dating as a Gen Z 👇🏽 Let’s be friends. Just friends. I’m not ready for a relationship, but I expect you to do things with me considered inappropriate in terms of a friendship. We’re not together, you can’t claim me, but you can’t be with anyone but me.

    Twitter: @CareWilson3
    Kid Cudi scratching his head

    6. The butterflies:

    bumble boy just asked me if i wanted to facetime tonight && i got butterflies. is this dating as a gen z?

    Twitter: @briarbray
    A cartoon character with heart eyes smiling

    7. The capital letters:


    Twitter: @_MY0NLYANGEL

    8. The anxiety:

    Twitter: @confusedfucker
    "Love at first anxiety attack"

    9. The lifted judgement:

    The Gen Z dating scene is so bad. I will never again judge people who decide they’re dating to marry

    Twitter: @flavoredasian
    A man in a crown proposing

    10. The bases:

    we are in HELL bc why is this gen z dating https://t.co/aK3iZ6pIjy

    Twitter: @leaveAnaJeAlone
    Second base is holding hands

    11. The "iPhone check":

    Twitter: @tuturose
    A woman on her phone smiling

    12. The rules:

    the first rule of gen z dating is they can have your instagram but not your twitter

    Twitter: @jpgsaldana
    Jimmy Fallon doing the hashtag symbol with his fingers

    13. The profiles:

    Millennial dating profiles are like “here are 25 musicians and authors who have had a profound influence on my life, and three paragraphs about what I’m looking for” and Gen Z dating profiles are like “here are my current mental illnesses, I like to sleep a lot, don’t message me”

    Twitter: @evan_greer
    A cartoon character sleeping

    14. Again, the profiles:

    Gen Z dating profiles be like: "ruin me" "looking for someone to hurt me" "ready to get my heart broken again"

    Twitter: @lysslikesmma

    15. The stages:

    a short story of gen z dating *talking stage* *white lies* *ghosted* thank you for coming to my ted talk 🤡

    Twitter: @emmmuhly
    A girl saying, "i got a text!"

    16. The memes:

    gen z dating is reposting memes about being lonely and hoping someone replies

    Twitter: @sleepysalvi
    SpongeBob sitting alone in a diner

    17. The retweets:

    1950s dating: drive to the movies or share a milkshake & you’re going steady... Gen Z dating: “oh she retweets my memes & we matched on tinder, maybe I should talk to her”

    Twitter: @HisFlippancy
    Danny and Sandy driving/flying away in "Grease"

    18. The lackluster behavior:

    The dating culture in gen z sucks. Don’t feel like it’s working? Ghost. Wanna meet? Swipe right. Need to say smthng uncomfy? Text. Bored? Fubu WE DESERVE REAL LIFE CONNECTION.

    Twitter: @LeetongMikaela
    Scott Pilgrim saying, "but it's haaaaard."

    19. The birth chart:

    sitting on the concrete of a skatepark and filling out a cafe astrology birth chart for a b*y who probably doesn’t care is my favorite gen z dating ritual

    Twitter: @beemoviesequel
    A man skateboarding

    20. The "talking":

    I love how outrageous Gen Z dating culture is. “Talking” can mean anywhere from meeting every night to only texting. Leaving him on opened is a power move. Being left on opened is basically a break up. Outrageous

    Twitter: @ErinHidalgo3
    A person texting

    21. The therapist:

    i say this at the risk of sounding like a pick me, but gen z dating culture makes my skin crawl, next talking phase i go through will be me talking to my therapist on a regular basis. i would rather eat saw dust than tell someone my favorite color is yellow again

    Twitter: @shxnice__
    A cartoon therapist saying, "You seem angry."

    22. The dating app solution:

    Ghosting on this Gen Z dating app will literally make you invisible https://t.co/EOb7VJJloG

    Twitter: @FastCompany

    23. And finally, the chopper:

    do married people watch gen z dating and feel like they caught the last chopper out of Nam

    Twitter: @lolennui

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