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    16 Jokes About What Gen Z Parents Are Gonna Be Like

    "Can I go out?" "No ❤️."

    In about 20 years, most new parents are going to be Gen Z'ers. Based on the behaviors and trends we've witnessed this generation display on social media, it's a pretty funny future to imagine. Here are 16 predictions about how Gen Z parents are going to act:


    kids in 2030: i don't wanna go to school gen z as parents: when i was your age we did school during a pandemic get your ass to school now


    gen z as parents: it’s the disrespect for me 🙄 you want to get cancelled again this week? sus af


    *Gen z as parents* “Can i go ou-“ “No❤️”


    gen z as parents is gonna be so funny because they’re gonna hold up a broken plate to their kid and say “this you??”


    I swear gen z parents are just gonna ghost their kids as punishment


    Gen Z as parents Child: Am I adopted? Me: Yes Child: 😧 Me: Lol jk I’m cappin


    gen z as parents are really going to go shopping with their kids for clothes and be like “so, what aesthetic are you going for?”


    gen z as parents abt to ground their kid: “are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?”


    kid: *talks back* gen z as parents: T H E A U D A C I T Y, typical scorpio but go off I guess


    I can’t stop thinking about how when Gen Z are parents/grandparents they’re probably going to sing lullabies to their kids in their fake-indie✨cursive✨voice and I just-I’m sorry to those children


    the name "karen" boutta go extinct when gen z become parents


    when gen z become parents we are going to be on youtube looking up the top 10 tips and tricks to raising a child


    Gen Z as parents Child: Look at what I drew in school :) *shows art* Gen Z Parent: I Stan


    gen z as teachers and counselors: 🥺🥺💖✨ gen z as parents: 🙃🙄☠️😅


    gen z as parents, “not you not cleaning your room”


    B*by B**mer: I brought you into this world! I can take you out of it! Gen Z as parents: I yeeted you onto this planet! I can yeet ya off it!

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