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21 Of The Most Memorable Food Trends From The 2010s

Wow we really get away with a lot, don't we.

1. Someone put avocado on bread and deemed it a standalone meal called "avocado toast." The innovation. I'm shaking.

2. Someone put a smoothie in a bowl and convinced people it was a totally different thing called an "acai bowl."

3. Someone popularized fermented tea, AKA kombucha. Some people hated it and some people loved it.

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4. Someone decided to combine a donut and croissant. Thus came the "cronut." Pure art.

5. Someone wedged a hamburger between two clumps of ramen, and voila, the ramen burger was born.

6. Someone made seltzer alcoholic and the world nearly exploded.

7. Someone smeared birthday cake cream cheese on a rainbow bagel and it looked like unicorn food, but tasted pretty good.

8. Someone made milk alternatives trendy, which had people with allergies feeling blessed and Starbucks employees feeling annoyed.


9. Someone said gluten was cancelled, a bunch of people agreed, and the gluten-free reign began.

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10. Someone defied all physical laws by creating the raindrop cake.

11. Someone realized that hummus tastes good on literally everything (except for maybe chocolate, ice cream, bananas, etc.)

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12. Someone made some really weird ice cream flavors, like charcoal or lavender, and they were surprisingly a hit.

13. Someone put Hawaii's poké in a bowl and it spread far and wide overnight.

14. And someone discovered the coffee upgrade that is matcha green tea lattés.

15. Someone revolutionized dessert by making edible cookie dough.

16. Someone finally found a way to make cauliflower enjoyable by making cauliflower crust pizza.

17. Someone gave the vegetarians with meat FOMO a shot at happiness by creating Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

18. Someone decided that Sriracha sauce needed to be a condiment option at every single restaurant.


19. Someone finally acknowledged that there's no such thing as too much cheese and started preparing pasta in a cheese wheel.

20. Someone gave milkshakes the ultimate level-up.

21. And someone said "fuck you" to rice and made quinoa the dominant grain.

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