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    17 Stomach-Turning Photos That'll Launch You Into An Existential Crisis

    I love all animals, but I've got a bone to pick with this goldfish that's the size of a pig.

    1. This proof of an alien invasion (JK it's just cranes):

    large cranes that looks like it has 5 feet

    2. This horrifyingly large goldfish:

    large goldfish the size of the person holding it up

    3. These octopus kites that make me feel all sorts of uncomfortable:

    large kites in the shape of octopus

    4. This model of a prehistoric crocodile head that's the size of a car:

    large skull and graphic showing how large the crocodile would've been

    5. This astronaut floating into oblivion:

    astronaut looking like a spec in the sky

    6. This worker looking REAL tiny next to an enormous crane hook:

    person looking up at the huge crane

    7. This god-sized statue in India:

    the statue as tall as skyscrapers

    8. This mushroom cloud from an explosion that sent shivers down my spine:

    large cloud in the form of a mushroom

    9. This photo of where the desert meets the ocean in Namibia:

    from sand to water

    10. This ginormous statue of Takashi Murakami in Qatar:

    real-life looking statue in a sitting position

    11. These colossal doors:

    people standing in front of the large doors

    12. This woman who looks like she's about to fall off the edge of the world:

    steps so steep it looks like you'll fall straight down

    13. These clouds that look like a tsunami:

    clouds that look like water hovering over a road

    14. This view from the bottom of a salt mine:

    15. This truck carrying an even bigger truck:

    truck towing a very large truck with two large tires sandwiching the truck in the front

    16. This "literal big picture":

    a large frame towering into the sky

    17. And finally, this snail the size of a bunny rabbit:

    a large snail sitting in the hand of someone

    H/T: r/megalophobia