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    17 Employees Who Hopefully Have A Good Sense Of Humor, Because I Need To Roast The "Work" They Did

    Calling people out for making stupid mistakes is my lifeline.

    1. This person who wrote a super contradictory headline:

    15 Fresh Non Binary Haircuts for Women in 2022

    2. This person who sent Minnesota mugs instead of Connecticut:

    A Minnesota mug next to a sign saying they're the wrong cups

    3. This person who doesn't know the difference between lemons and melons:

    A lemon

    4. And this person who doesn't know the difference between Superman and Spider-Man:

    Super-Man but with Spider-Man

    5. This person who happened to forget one of the key ingredients to an ice cream sandwich:

    A defective ice cream sandwich

    6. This person who created these shirts that make my brain hurt:

    A couple wearing couple's T-shirts

    7. This person who screwed the chairs on wrong in this Airbnb:

    A faulty chair

    8. This person who apparently wants people to incorrectly take their pills:

    A faulty pill organizer

    9. This person who installed the world's most useless ceiling fan:

    A ceiling fan that's too close to the walls

    10. This person who doesn't know the difference between a leopard and a cheetah:

    A leopard labeled as a cheetah

    11. This person who apparently thinks humans have three rows of teeth:

    A skeleton with three rows of teeth

    12. This person who has trouble reading emotions:

    "Do you agree that this ad is relevant to you?"

    13. This person who somehow managed to get bacteria in Pine-Sol:

    CNN headline saying 27 million bottles of Pine-Sol were recalled for bacteria

    14. This person who took "berry" loaf way too literally:

    Berry loaf

    15. This person who really shouldn't be painting signs for a school:


    16. This person who's about to cause an accident:

    Jagged yellow lines on a highway

    17. And finally, this person's fence fail:

    A shoddy fence job

    H/T: r/onejob