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    17 Wild Secrets From The Drive-Thru That Fast Food Employees Shared

    Thank you for your service.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that your experiences in the drive-thru lane of fast food establishments have been pretty boring.

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    Well, consider yourself lucky, because drive-thru employees do not have the same luxury of monotony that our lazy asses do!


    Reddit user u/Reach-n-Teach recently asked drive-thru workers to share the weirdest thing they've seen in a customer's car, and the responses are something else. Here are some of the wildest ones:

    1. "Dude had a full-on sex doll dressed up in his passenger seat. Sunglasses, dress, and even a hat. I couldn’t even tell it was fake until I asked for their order."


    2. "I only worked the drive-thru for a year, but the weirdest thing I saw was an alpaca in a minivan. They asked at the window if they could order some apple slices for the alpaca. I just gave them two packs on the house."


    3. "Someone pulled a gun on my brother because the salsa containers weren't completely full. You can get as many as you want for no extra charge."


    4. "A car pulled up, and all four people were completely naked, just casually chilling."


    5. "Someone threw a fish at me once. They didn't order anything, it was just a drive-by fish attack."

    6. "My gym teacher, drunk. He started eating the tacos at the drive-thru window. He was there for over five minutes, just eating. I saw him the next day in school and we both acted like nothing happened."


    7. "I didn't see it, but I heard a blowjob taking place over the headset. It was a location open 24/7, so we had to reset the tills for 10 mins every evening at 11 p.m. and people would just sit in their car and wait. Most people don't realize that we can hear everything. The speakers don’t turn off while the vehicle is there."


    8. "I worked at a Tim Hortons and once saw an old lady with like 50 cartons of eggs in her car. I made a joke saying, 'Looks like you could make your own breakfast' and she got real straight-faced and said, 'Oh honey those aren't eggs.' Still have zero clue what else you would store in egg cartons."


    9. "Two guys were hotboxing and decided to come through the drive-thru. They did not stop smoking, even when they pulled up to the window. I swear a cloud of smoke rolled out the window when they lowered it to pay. They offered me a hit and I politely declined."

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    10. "I was working the drive-thru at Burger King in a snowstorm. A driver ordered a Coke with no ice. When I handed them the Coke, they emptied it a bit, broke off a couple of icicles hanging from the car, put them in the Coke, and drove off without saying a word."


    11. "There was a guy who took his three dogs for rides. They rode in buckled seats and wore goggles so the wind didn't hurt their eyes."


    12. "The driver had a comically large dildo in the passenger seat. He'd buckled it in and put a hat on it."


    13. "Had a drunk guy come through the drive-thru. A cop car was in line right behind him. I told the cops about the drunk guy. The cops said they knew and were planning on pulling him over before he turned in and went to the drive-thru. They decided they were hungry and wanted food too before pulling him over."


    14. "I worked at Domino's and one lady used a hand-crocheted blanket to keep her pizzas warm. She kept the blanket in the front seat and draped it over the boxes."


    15. "I had a guy try to pull me through the drive-thru window into his car when I was a teenager working at McDonald's."


    16. "I was training a new girl, and told her to hand the man at the window his drink. The window opened, and I noticed the adult man driving was wearing a bib. As the new girl reached out her hand to pass the man his drink, he just started violently vomiting on himself and...there was splatter. The new girl stood there in shock, so I grabbed her and pulled her back. The window automatically closed and the man eventually drove away."


    17. And finally, "I once saw a car with a trailer full of chickens come through a Chick-fil-A drive thru. My manager said, 'You know what we sell here, right?' to which the driver responded, 'Shh! Don’t tell them!'"


    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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