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    31 Food Photos So Horrific, They'll Hurt Your Eyes Even More Than They'd Destroy Your Stomach

    What did we do to deserve this?

    1. This "four cheese pizza" that looks like a moldy disaster:

    2. This offensive (and disgusting) coronavirus stew:

    3. This unseasoned chicken that even a dog would turn their nose up at:

    4. This jam that looks like a bloody handprint: 

    5. This hot "durger" that belongs in the trash:

    6. This Sonic curry that I'm BEGGING to be fake:

    7. This mousse that looks like dog diarrhea:

    8. This "pizzaburger" that's an embarrassment to Americans:

    9. This banana water that literally nobody asked for:

    10. This microwaved pasta that would give any Italian a conniption:

    11. This "blue cheese" pizza that definitely ruined that relationship:

    12. This chicken nugget "carbonara" that truly isn't carbonara at all:

    13. These beers slathered in mystery sauces:

    14. This salmon "challah" that is an insult to all Jews (myself included):

    15. These Big Mac salad cups that make no damn sense and look disgusting while doing it:

    16. This horrific bread substitution:

    17. This nauseating alternative to corn on the cob:

    18. This glob from hell:

    19. This terrifying assortment:

    20. This "medium rare" pancake:

    21. This unnecessary mess:

    22. This barf-worthy duo:

    23. These WAAAAAY too literal fish tacos:

    24. This bizarre and disgusting ketchup dispenser:

    25. This food combo that was definitely created by Satan himself:

    26. This embarrassing spread that was left untouched:

    27. This wildly upsetting Italian Japanese food hybrid:

    28. These multicolored mashed potatoes that get grosser every time you look at them:

    29. This nasty peanut butter packaging:

    30. These rice donuts that I'm praying are an optical illusion:

    31. And finally, this shrimp Oreo:

    H/T: r/StupidFood